You know what really grinds my gears?

Probably not very, if they didn’t exist though, now that’s another question altogether.


I see you’ve been in my shed :joy:


I think it’s good to have a wealth of books in your house and maybe they all mean something to your partner and maybe he really loves them. But you could ask him if you think there’s some he won’t read again that would be of benefit to others that maybe don’t have the money to buy new books and if it would be a good idea to pass them on and help others experience them.

In my experience it’s much better to have a partner who loves books to a partner that does not.

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Think other than Fever Pitch ive never read any book twice.
Tell a lie Animal Farm but that’s it.


I have read a few books multiple times but honestly the best way to experience a novel is in audiobook form. Not to mention zero clutter. Though I don’t really consider my hard copy selection of books as clutter.

The 1000s of fucking DVD’s I accumulated before the streaming age took over. What the actual fuck an I meant to do with them. I’m in it for the long haul now going to wait a few more decades until they become retro like records.


I agree with this. If I already know whats gonna happen why would I waste my time reading or watching it again?

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New trainers or shoes “break in period” I always forget and end up with the skin burst on my heels. Its always my right one that gets it the worst lol :joy:

Fucking annoying as you need to wear plasters for a while so you can actually walk without thinking your tearing into the bone :joy::joy:

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I once had this with a leather, low top pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. The body of those trainers are already really thin, once you replace that thin fabric with a thin strip of leather with no cushioning, it meant instant RIP for my heels.

But unless it’s a pair like that, I’m surprised to hear you have this issue with new trainers. Kind of a necessity for trainers to be comfortable footwear, so I feel bad for ya if this is something you regularly get. Aside from that pair of Converse, I’ve never had an issue with trainers needing a break in period.

Shoes are a different story, bought a pair of brogues for a wedding recently and spent the week before wearing then all day around the house so they didn’t totally wreck my heels in the day :grin:


Just bought a pair of shoes for a wedding I’m groomsman at tomorrow and next week. Already got a packet of compeed plasters in preparation.


tbf its not happened for every trainers I’ve bought just a certain few.

Happened to me with my newest ones yesterday though which is what made me post :joy:

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Converse are notorious for this, that little white strip of plastic is like a fucking cheese grater to the back of the heel. I suffered loads from this in my emo/skater/hispter teenage years. Pretty sure I still have the scars.

Ironically skate shoes are the complete opposite, even though I couldn’t board I loved these because they were like wearing little fluffy clouds on my feet with all the extra cushion and padding.

@Calum maybe you need an orthopedic inlay or something to help?


Usually sorts itself out after a few wears then I can wear them plaster free haha cheers

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Get thicker socks. Sorted.

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Nah its summer and warm Ill take the short term pain for long term gain :grin:

What type of sneakers do you wear? You should try something geared for running. Expensive option but ultraboost are a really nice sneaker, weirdly they grip my foot a little too tight for jogging but as a casual walker they are heavenly.

Adidas ones.

The new ones that need bedding in are just a pair of plan smart white trainers from ASOS for £20 as I fancied just having some white trainers without brand designs on them. Once my heel and trainer get aquatinted with each other we’ll all get on like a house on fire

Picking my friends parents up from the airport. Flight lands at 5.25am, it’s now 7am and they’re nowhere to be seen.

I did initially say it makes sense for me to get there around this time but they were insistent on me getting here around the time their flight leaves.

When I put that parking ticket in the payment machine my hands are going to be shaking. I drive a big car too, so that £45 petrol and this £20 parking ticket are going to annoy me.

I don’t mind doing airport runs but I’ve done enough of them over the years to know not to turn up dead on the time the flight arrives.

I’m sitting here fuming right now. I genuinely don’t mind helping people out but just don’t take the piss with me time. I’ve got a wedding today, I’ve had 3 hours of sleep and I’ve got a tonne of things to do before the wedding at 3pm.



Why is your friend not picking up his own parents? Or is it his wedding?

Yeah if anyone ever picks me up from the airport i’d never tell them to get there at flight landing time. I’d rather be the one waiting around than them, because like you say, the person doing the pick up is the one doing the favour.

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My friends doesn’t drive, so they asked me to do it and here I am. I love airport runs, the late night / really early morning ones but this shit is annoying me. I’ve been here for 2 hours ffs

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How far away is the airport :exploding_head: