You know what really grinds my gears?

Minder is bloody brilliant. The writing from about series 5 to 7 was exemplary.

@BizzySignal agrees (I know this without a response from Biz)

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Yeah with the current lockdown and being at home 90% of the time, I’ve had plenty of time to watch classic shows I haven’t seen since I was little kid (They were reruns back then as well :joy:), didn’t really understand them back then, but now I can fully appreciate shows like Minder, The Sweeney etc… can’t agree with Ash though Only fools is one of the greatest written sitcoms of all time, especially the earlier seasons. Arthur Daley and Del Boy have to be two of the best TV characters ever created.

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I think what I really like about Minder is that there isn’t any canned laughter. You’re not forced to think something is funny.

Only Fools is done to death now. Repeats all over the place, on every platform (apart from the BBC weirdly). I think familiarity can breed contempt.

Random bit of trivia. In Christmas 1985, the Only Fools and Minder Christmas specials were scheduled at the same time. The television audience were disgusted lol.


Yeah that’s true, it’s so well written and so well acted. Both George Cole and Dennis Waterman’s comedic timing is impeccable. Terry’s face every time Arthur is pulling a hustle or he catches on to something Arthur is doing is classic.

Agree with OFAH being played out now, still them early seasons are timeless!

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Definitely. I’m always surprised Terence doesn’t ever wallop Arthur :joy:

The way Arthur treats Dave from the Winchester, too. Priceless. “Put it on the slate, Dave”

I think the OFAH chandelier scene is overrated, but the Del going hang-gliding bit is magic.

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@BizzySignal & @DavidHillier having ITV2 and 3 on lockdown watching shows way before their time


ITV4! Get it right :wink:


Yeah agree about the Chandelier scene, my personal favourite OFAH scene is when Del enters Rodney into an art competition.

Only seen about a season of minder, to many classic scenes. Love the one where Terry looks for a new job and Arthur is worried about his employment :joy::rofl: the one with the Greek restaurant is funny AF.

@arsenescoatmaker yeah ITV4 it’s like a window into another time. Watching the Sweeney, it’s got a lot of shots around White City estate which is an area I spent a lot of time growing up, even has a few inside the shit hole that is loftus road, strange to see what those places looked like back in the 70s!


Minder is before my time mate. I might have to try and give it a go from the recomendations on here. I remember my Mum used to like it.

I imagine they can’t show many shows of that era or they have to edit them to be policially correct. The casual racism of the time was in loads of things before we realised it was offensive. I know there was some in OFAH and they had to edit out a load of stuff and that was actually trying to be politically correct at the time.


Haha, Arthur goes to put in a dud reference for Terry at the car showroom but Terry actually gets the job :joy:

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Loved Minder and the Sweeney, but my all time favourite cop show was without doubt…
The Professionals… Bodie and Doyle were fantastic, but George Cowley was the best… Awesome show…


When a keeper dives for a save and manages to catch the ball then the commentator goes ‘that’s a save for the cameras’.


Watching the Villa Leicester game by any chance mate? :joy:

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Yep :rofl::rofl:

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I’m sure they’ve been mentioned already, but gender reveal parties.

I’ve just been invited to one on Zoom! We’ve been told to wear pink or blue depending on what sex we think the baby will be. And not only that, she has set up a gift list. A flipping gift list for a gender reveal party! She can jog on.

Honestly what is the point in this shit? It’s a girl, the guests cheer. It’s a boy, the guests cheer. Maybe if we were given the option to boo one of the genders it’d be a little bit more exciting. Or where I’m from they’d be better served having a paternity reveal party!


Option to Boo one of the genders would make it a hell of a lot more interesting.

Someone doing via zoom my hunch is they’re just doing it to clock up a few gifts they won’t have to pay for.


This needs it’s own rant, people who make this kind of lists for their joyous ceremonies…I’m GIFTING you something, you don’t need to tell me what i should bring, that way i’d be just buying it for you.


Don’t worry about that, just do it anyway :joy:

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Hear hear!!

All these fucking stupid American traditions we’re importing, absolutely ridiculous.

Just tell us in a fucking group text or Instagram post if it’s a boy or a girl. Also, believe it or not, most people won’t give a shit . It’s your sprog not theirs, they’re just being polite.