You know what really grinds my gears?

Thankfully I’m working from home right now, but DHL absolutely took the piss with their attempt at delivering my parcel (2 curtain poles).

They delivered one curtain pole on 27 October and then claimed they tried to deliver the other pole 5 times. I called them for an explanation and they are just useless cunts. They didn’t once buzz my flat in all of those supposed delivery attempts despite promising me that it would be arriving that day. Kept getting text messages saying its on the way.

And when it did arrive, the box was battered and had been taped up. Thankfully the poles weren’t damaged. Fucking awful.


DHL are even worse haha. I ordered an office chair from some website in June and they were the courier two days in a row they done that shit so I emailed the company requesting a refund and to just tell DHL to send them back to them.

Cunts :joy:

I ordered from IKEA instead and got another chair no bother.


DHL are dimwits. They were to deliver a tv to me a few years ago. I got a msg saying it had arrived at their station and I could pick it up now myself, or wait until they delivered it to the door the next day. Since I pass them on the way home from work, I stopped to pick it up.
The box was very big and I felt unsure it would fit in the car. But I said I could try. After a while of rearranging the kids car seats etc I realised it wasn’t gonna work. So I put it back on the trolley and went back in to say they have to deliver it tomorrow as planned (which I had payed extra for).

The girl at the counter said that wasn’t possible, since I’ve already checked the package out… :expressionless: After a long discussion I asked for her manager, but he wasn’t in. I asked if I atleast could borrow some rope, so I could secure it and drive with the trunk open. But no she couldn’t give me that :man_facepalming:t3: After some more discussion (I was very calm and polite at first) I finally lost it and told her to go shove something uncomfortable up her behind.

Outside a guy who had witnessed the whole thing asked where I lived. He was nice enough to take my TV in his van, since we lived in the same neighbourhood :+1: Glad that there still are helpful people out there.
Some time after I got to know that a my sons best friends dad is the manager there. He’s a real asshole so I wasn’t surprised haha.



I tell you what i hate as regards Delivery specialists (and it is the height of stupidity nowadays) is that you wait in for a parcel and you get the tracking etc and you wait and wait and all of a sudden you get an email or text saying that the parcel was missed and you werent in. You damn well know you were and they never came to your house.

This literally happened to me yesterday with a DPD driver. What is stupid about it is they obviously have GPS on their vans, so i called them up and said the driver is pulling a fast one, they typed in his van number and of course they see where he was when he sent that message and he was at least 5 miles out from me, not only that they found out that he had cut out a whole section of his round this way.

Now this is your entire job, if you do not want to deliver parcels DONT TAKE THE JOB. It wasnt even as if it was late in the day it was 10:30am and my parcel was due between 10:45-11:00am. They spoke to management at the depot and they come back with saying ‘yes we are aware of some of the staff members doing this especially on fridays because they want to get home for the weekend, we will send the driver back out.’

If you are aware why not heavily fine or sack these lot…in any other job could you get away with cutting entire procedures out or cutting corners why can Yodel drivers etc do this? I guarantee if there was a system in place that the drivers got docked wages at minimum wage for each person they do this to and it was given t the person waiting in for their parcel as compensation if they did it once they would never do it again.

The driver returned a few hours later totally sheepish couldn’t look at me took a photo of the item at the door with me and quickly turned on his heels and trotted off…he was not happy, but neither was i.

These tossers dont seem to get that it is an inconvenience to a lot of people having to wait in for a parcel and it totally pisses me off that you do this and they then have the attitude ‘nah cant be bothered to deliver it today they can wait until tomorrow’ a LOT of people cant do this, dont they understand people have their own lives to deal with, not only that you have paid heavily for that service (even if it is free P&P it is damn well tacked onto the cost of the items i guarantee it) do your friggin job you bunch of pricks.

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It’s not an excuse but if the wages were better you get a better standard.
Jobs are pretty low paid and conditions aren’t great.
Like most industry you get what you pay for. Nobody works for these companies for long for a reason.


i thought DPD were one of the better places to work…but weirdly enough them and parcelforce seem to be the worst for this. Yodel i can understand, but yeah i guess that as a job has gotta suck, but at the same time jobs now also are hard to come by you’d think you wanna keep it.

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Especially now when there is more to deliver than ever and all management can see are the pound signs and just want to lump more pressure on the driver’s to deliver more without any chance of overtime etc.

Guy next door has a son works for DPD and he is routinely pulling 10 hour days for no OT.

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The missus and I have sex in the UPS position. You know, you’re in all day and no one comes.


My twitter has turned into Instagram with twitter stories.

What is the fucking point? Get in the sea


Yeah, saw that, it’s annoying

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Even LinkedIn has stories now. It’s fucking ridiculous

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Netflix not forking out for the rights to the Dawson’s Cheek theme song. Do they not understand that the theme is part of the nostalgia?! This might actually just be the worst thing to happen this year.


When your partner chooses that shit film and you endure it for the sake of harmony and hate every last minute of it.


I would like to know what the film was before I pick a side :smile:


Fargo or something and it was about zombies which I hate.
Martin Freeman was in it but couldn’t save this pile of crap. 1hr 44 minutes and I counted all of them.



Sorry but I couldn’t have Fargo, which he was in the TV series of, being sullied.


My bad. Well her bad actually but yeah Cargo. Shite.