You know what really grinds my gears?

The Scottish Tory party, these pricks really are just hanging about here like a bad smell, gagging for Scotland to fail at anything and everything.

Counting down the days until they can fuck right off.
Jack Carlaw, old plastic faced cunt

Now spent the day trying to discredit Devi Sridhar because she had the gall to say what Scottish gov was doing was the right thing and what UK gov were doing was wrong.


When your daughter discovers youtubers. Nightmare.


Martin Tyler Sky Sports
He has just joined my top 5 worse commentators.
The whole of tonight’s game did the prick keep relating to Leicester poor away record against The Arsenal, how many times did Tyler keep referring back to 1973 when Leicester last won away against The Arsenal.
Tyler was hoping and virtually sucking the ball into the net .
The blokes full of cocksnot


Awful commentator.

I think Peter Drury is the best in the game. And I’d say Barry Davies is the best ever.


I think that Arlo White is the worst. Insufferable Man U cheerleader.

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Train tickets in the UK.

£821 a month is the cheapest GWR monthly season ticket you can get from Bath to London paddington, for a journey thats 1hr20 minutes. Absolute shambles.


That is mental

You know what it’s the kind of price thats indefensible.

If the government are even half as interested as they claim to be in creating a northern powerhouse or spread the wealth in this nation they’d regulate train ticket prices to allow people to commute from wider areas.

I wouldn’t dream of living in London if travel from outside was affordable. I’m paying close attention to how my work place will treat WFH when we return to the office. If I get 3 days a week working from home, the first thing I’m doing is cutting the cost of rent and moving out of London.


The issue is the train usage is top heavy and London focused. HS2 will solve some of these issues.

Most people outside of London and surrounding areas prefer to use car as their primary form transport to and from work. It’s cheaper and more convenient.

People wonder why local train services in the north are on single locomotives from the 70’s and come once every hour, it’s because the lack of demand doesn’t warrant additional investment.

People always say they’re happy to pay more tax, but when London commuters are directly confronted with higher transport fares somebody else should foot the bill?

After living on the european mainland for years, it was always quite shocking to see our rail prices in comparison.


My girlfriend and I could save so much money on rent by moving to Bath, and Corona has proved that we can both work from home and be just as productive as ever. 3 days WFH and then it could be financially viable for us without having to get a monthly season ticket.

If I needed to be in the office more than twice a week, then the season ticket offsets the gain in rent though.

So fucking stupid.

Not to mention the efficiency of their services too. Our systems are pure shambles.

So old and outdated and slow. Every other country outperforms on train infrastructure.

To be very fair to us on infrastructure, we have the oldest systems back from the Victorian times in place so very hard to revolutionise them. I always have given us a pass on that.

The actual efficiency when coming to timings is definitely infuriating.

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It’s even worse up here. Sheffield is a big northern city with a lot going for it, but to access it via train from Leeds or Manchester takes about the same time as by car. Obviously to Manchester it’s through the Peak District so difficult to circumvent that, but the trains are outdated old shitboxes on century old routes that have had no improvement the entire time. It’s no wonder it’s getting left behind compared to the other two cities, which are now thriving.


It is true, the UK has actually suffered massively from being such an early mover in locomotive innovation, which is ironic.

It’s too old and too heavily used to be upgraded as needed, so it’s a proper catch 22.


It’s why the Glasgow tube is just a circle lol.

Also Thatcher selling the rail industry down the river didn’t help.

Pretty much every rail company is dogshit, Virgin are actually one of the better ones in my experience.


Its more lack of opportunity than demand. People are forced into the car as the only option. Pricing and regularity are forcing that on people through shit private companies like Northern rail.

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Don’t you rent a house in London currently but choosing to live at someone else house in Bath?

No it’s definitely a lack of demand for alot of routes. Particularly for villages to towns and cities. Traveling by car is just more convenient for vast majority of people compared to buses and trains.

It doesn’t make sense to invest into more services per hour and better trains for routes that aren’t commonly used. HS2 will help reduce the burden and make things more efficient for the entire country