You know what really grinds my gears?


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Is Ireland bad as well?

We just head out for the weekend every now and again, we aren’t living there. We’d like to move to Bath permanently though, and keep our jobs as we both like them a lot.

The US and Canada are worse, can’t think of anyone else

Yeah and thats fine if its going to be affordable. Id be very surprised if its going to be for the average commuter.

I don’t think the demand is low at all. Rather people would prefer to go by car because of the cost.

If we had an affordable, efficient rail service, you would see a massive spike in usage.


I disagree, You don’t create a supply for a demand that doesn’t exist?

Current level of usage trains outside of London doesn’t warrant further investment especially for services that don’t go to London.

The system is top heavy, people want to get to London specifically faster and cheaper

Yeah I wasn’t even including them to be honest haha America’s train infrastructure may as well be nonexistent.

I should have said “every other European country” is better or maybe “every other Western European country”.

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Think your ignoring routes that have not only been cutback but simply removed. Its quite substantial.

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Everyone I know would prefer to use rail wherever possible.


If you live in a city or work in a city it makes sense. Otherwise driving is preferable

@Stroller Services and Routes that don’t generate enough users to cover the costs of the service will inevitably be the first on the block


Well heres the issue really. Private companies provide routes that make money. Services are something else entirely.

No, I live in the countryside.

Every transport business, whether privately owned or public, needs to make money. If the route isn’t in demand everybody is better off establishing a bus service which operates at a much cheaper cost for all involved.

If you want robust unions, well paid drivers, sufficient support staff, modern trains, faster and more frequent service you’re going to have to pay higher fares, which people don’t really seems to like

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You live in the countryside and everyone you know prefers to take the train than drive?

Drive to work finish work go home…


See when the train is, walk or drive to the train station , don’t be late, get off the train walk or bus to work, finish work and wait for the train or rush like fuck to catch the train, get train, walk or drive home.

Lol okay mate

London. Fair enough. Its a Shithole your car would get robbed, you’d get charged excessively and traffic is boring.

No, I said they would prefer to use the train if it was affordable and efficient.

wherever possible, so if it was possible to go to work would surely be an example of what you said

Here we go

Right, but it’s not possible with the current setup.

if it was possible my example still stands.

Hardly anyone outside London over the age of 21 would prefer to use the train to go to work or the beach. It elongates your day, you have the possibility of listening to Channel on the phone for the whole trip. You cant take much with you. It involves additional travel from the train stations.

If I go to Southend on a busy day, the easiest way to get there is drive to a station a few stops away and get on the train to Southend.

You don’t have to worry about parking and it’s way quicker.
The train is a lot quicker than driving almost anywhere.
The reason people rarely use it is because it’s overpriced.