You know what really grinds my gears?


I have plenty of chill if i’m pushed up against a hot guy :sunglasses:

I know what you mean though, people tutting always annoys me. What is that going to achieve?


I hear ya, XJYUX. I moved out of England with its population density of 395 persons per sq. km.
to Alberta with its population density of 5.7 persons per sq. km. Gotta say I love the space here.


“Excuse me, sir. Is that your umbrella or are you just happy to see me?”


Combined XIs whenever there is a big match. Get in the bin. Especially the all so “funny” ones who think they’re being original by picking 11 players from one team. Totally pointless exercise.


I used to like them when they didn’t contain 7 Spurs players.


Fucking rigged shows. You go and sit and watch through a whole season of something and at the end of it all you just get cockslapped with an utterly bullshit decision and you just think why bother even waste your time watching something that you might have enjoyed otherwise in order for it to be a whole lot of shit at the end, it just makes watching it absolutely pointless.


Stop watching The X Factor :slightly_smiling_face:


lol, funnily enough i dont watch those shows, it was this seasons australian masterchef that really pissed me off…i enjoy that show and look forward to watching it and that final was a fucking farce and its almost put me off watching the whole show altogether now.


When you go to a restaurant and the waiter / waitress is all over you and nothing is too much trouble, obviously after tips, constantly checking in with you every 5 mins everything is is okay, then as soon as you say you don’t want a coffee or you ask for the bill and want to leave they disappear for half an hour.

It’s happened to me so often that it must be some kind of industry tactic, but whatever the tactic is it normally ends up with the result “I’m not giving this dick as much of a tip” which seems counter productive when they’ve spent the last hour and a half working for a tip.


I actually have taken to walking towards wherever the till is if this happens to me :slight_smile:


The waiters that piss me off are the ones that ask, “Do you want the change?” when I give them a fifty for a forty seven or forty eight dollar tab. Fuck you, pal. There goes your tip.


Up late watching the NHL. I’m zapping between games and the commentators sounds the same in each game. Same guy? Clones?
And EVERY FUCKING TIME the camera shows a couple of kids in the stands you get the “that’s what it’s all about”, “bring the kids and support your team”, yada yada same old same old.


Black cyber month monday friday week.

Firstly, I’m sure this used to be good. I seem to remember getting some legit good deals on the actual Friday 3/4 years ago but this year it was mostly token gestures on the day.

Secondly, why is everyone doing this shit from like the 15th November and into December? It just means everything I’ve ever signed up to bombards me daily with offers that are really not that great and every advert can’t stop talking about it like its the best thing ever.


Alright calm down Harvey Weinstein :ozil2:


Mike Fucking Dean.

It’s 2018 here and I spent first 30mins of it being angry at this fucker.


When I read stories that include lines like “last time we’ll do x,y,z”…

You’re a fucking individual person writing a story, not the entity of the entire website!!!

@Phoebica tell me you don’t do this, please :rage:


Lol. Well… we’re told to do that. Even when one person has done the interview, it’s like “when Reveal met up with Peter Andre…”

I hate it too. I used to be a writer and interview these Z listers, and when I filed my interviews I had to say the name of the publication rather than “I”. I quit in the end. And now I am a freelance editor, I change it as much as I can get away with.


Jesus, that’s even more dumb.


Shit results all the time