You know what really grinds my gears?


My favourite is ‘‘train cancelled due to cows on the tracks’’. In london.

Edit just noticed you included that one ha


“The train is delayed due to signalling failures”




We need more Japanese trains in our life.


Imagine the UK with those bullet trains…fucking hell, we cannot even manage bog standard trains properly us with bullet trains could be a disaster waiting to happen. I know they do not run on rails but if anything bad happens it will be an epic disaster and it has happened before. Government are eyeing stuff like this up, but i say get what we have running right then take a leap forward.


They do run on rails, it’s just that the Shinkansen line is completely seperated from other train traffic in Japan which certainly makes it easier for them to control and avoid (outside) complications.


its also electromagnetic so it hovers really there is a slight gap and it glides on it…so there should be ‘there was leaves on the line’ but at the same time they cant do basic things right here.


All you people talking about London, be greatful for your transport system or come to Melbourne and then you maybe more greatful for it.


Kangaroo on the line? :arteta::per::coq::wenger::welbeck::mustafi::santi2::poldi:


Funnily enough I did see one bouncing through a station pit whilst walking track a few months ago, only 19km from the city centre also lol.


Take a train ride in Sweden. We’re a third world country in that aspect. We are a very environmentally aware nation, with insanely high taxes on petrol and diesel, which would trigger the need of a functional rail road one would think? Then rethink!

The tracks are old and require much maintenance. In some parts between our biggest cities we don’t even have double tracks! To make the maintence easier the government thought (a few years ago) that splitting the responsibilities between two state agencies was a awesome idea. Especially good was the idea to let them have their own separate budgets as well. Two beaurocratic colossals arguing who’s responsible for what. But wait, it gets better!

Instead of only having one stately owned company run the trains, tickets, baggage etc, we open the market to private companies. So now it will be cheaper for the costumers, when there’s more competition right? Yes, if you book a ticket a few days before (if there are any left). If you want to plan a trip a couple of weeks in advance you have to pay much more. So traveling to my wife’s family 450km away, bringing all 3 kids, and we want to sit next to each other all the way, costs us twice as much as taking the car.

A good thing for these companies though is that because something always breaks, making the majority of arrivals late, they don’t have to pay the costumers a full refund if they miss their next connection. Awesome!

In the meantime most of our goods are transported by foreign trucking companies. Who of course fill their tanks outside Sweden, with the filthiest diesel on the planet (thanks EU) and hire underpayed drivers from Eastern Europe. And every winter the roads are jammed up with these lorries, who have worn out tires and no snow chains. All because it’s not cost afficient transporting goods on our under dimensional rail road. Especially since it often breaks down and the two state agencies are short of staff.

I have a friend who’s one of the few specialised engineers left in Sweden who can repair signals etc, and they break all the time. He can be called to each corner of the country to make repairs. A very costly affair and a long wait until it’s all up and running again.


Then there’s Canada. Edmonton to Vancouver is approx. 500 miles and the train takes 22 hours on single track. And prority is given to freight traffic meaning the passenger train pulls off into a passing loop while a two-mile or more long freight lumbers by at 20 mph. Ain’t no 125 InterCity here, folks.


Well, yea. A plane can do that journey in an hour or thereabouts (I’m guessing) so why would anyone take a train? And when non one uses a train then the company running it has no money so the service is terrible. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. :slight_smile:


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Tube life’s a bit of a mess. Tbh if you don’t have patience for the overpopulation you shouldn’t really be living in London. Angry Londoners just make things harder for themselves in general. I prefer to just avoid rush hour altogether by leaving a lot earlier and maybe incorporating a bus route on the way home. Could take longer but usually it’s the better option during rush hour and avoids transfers. Obviously all the jobs seem to be here but in terms of overall livelihood there were a lot of aspects I preferred while living in the south coast.


Even at the meagre, fledgeling age of 28 years, I’ve had enough of London and it’s brash, angry and intolerable environment. I’d definitely be able to tell you on an average commute of around 20 minutes driving to jobs, will present at least one angsty situation. Overpopulation is really visible in London now, it makes going into Central a chore for me.

In a few years time I will definitely be moving out to the country somewhere.


When people have a fit in a close quarters environment like the tube it always makes me laugh. How can you have no chill when the reality is you’re bunched up together in an underground slave ship. It’s the same on the streets sometimes. You have to be patient here if you need these routes to make a living and so many don’t get that.