You know what really grinds my gears?


Leaving banter aside, assuming we’re taking this debate seriously… This reply is everything



I’m barely holding it together on this DLR train


^ People who drink their weight in alcohol and then complain that they have a hangover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Have some fucking empathy I’m dying here


What would you like written on your headstone?


Bloody snowflake!



That my friendship with anyone hinges on personal appearance, as you put it, is totally not what I said. There’s a very large leap from saying “it’s preferable that my friends don’t put on weight” to saying that my friendship hinges on that. One of my best friends from my childhood began to suffer from endemic depression and put on weight as a result and basically did everything involved with hitting rock bottom in life. We’re not any less friends. But do I like him a little less in the sense that I prefer to pass my time with other friends? Sure. If it was just a case of weight gain it might be a similar case just in a much more minor degree. It’s really a straightforward point I’m making that people find offensive because, well, people are easily offended and like to be offended by concepts that sound offensive. None of what I’m saying contradicts the things you have said or the necessity to be sensitive to eating disorders. But basic realities are not why eating disorders are an issue in society, let’s not conflate issues.

@Doc I have to say I laughed in real life. Bravo.


I can’t believe you guys are still talking about fat people


Fireworks. I know it’s Guy Fawkes but just feck off. :neutral_face:


Prefer it to the fucker teenagers and people in general begging for stuff for fucking haloween. Kids you think fair enough even if i hate the concept of begging and if you get nothing you have some sort of ‘punishment’ but when its teenagers fuck right off!


When people do their own fireworks in their back garden, they look so shit. Not worth the money or effort.


Fireworks are fucking awesome if you actually go to a big publicly organised display.

I do think that people who let off their own in their gardens any time between about mid October to mid November are a fucking pain in the arse, and if it were based just on that, I’d hate fireworks too. They’re annoying and disruptive, and distressing for pets to boot (not everyone would share that concern with me)


Has to be a good display though. My mum took me into London when I was a kid for the millennium. And i’ve travelled quite a lot - Madrid do New Year fireworks really well (though they better wanna seeing as they close every bloody bar and restaurant) so yeah, unless the fireworks are going to spell my name out i’m not interested :grin:


Fruit pips stuck either between a tooth or in the tooth itself. Having had a fruit yogurt earlier today the curse of the pip occurred . How can such a small bleeding pip can cause such annoyance! Trying to convince yourself ‘it’ll work it’s way out ‘ just doesn’t work . Not being able to get to clean my teeth all manners of objects have been applied to shift the offending pip . Envelope corners , tooth picks , dental floss and a final desperate measures a new plastic £10 note but still the bastard pip won’t budge not to mention a sore tongue trying to manipulate the pip out !
Desperate measures required! An apple will budge the pip … will it hell ! The pip is now heading south but I’ve now got apple skin stuck between my front teeth !
It’s a viscous circle !
The moral of the story … eat Mars Bars ! Far more tooth friendly!!


When someone you’ve been best mates with ever since first day of highschool finally gets a girlfriend at the age of 31 and becomes a complete pusssy and suddenly thinks he’s Columbus. Wait till she breaks your heart before you act as an asshole mate, otherwise there will be no buddies to drown the sorrow with once she gets tired of you.


People that stand at the bottom of escalators. Get out of the fucking way.


People who don’t “queue” for tube trains, I mean any train really but it’s so prevalent in london, and let everyone disembark first before you try shove your way on you muggy cunt


Train delays. Though the reasons for said delays can be pretty funny. These are some I’ve heard on my commute into London:

“Sorry for the delay to this service, we can’t find the driver.”

“This train will be slow running due to the number of passengers on board”

And my favourite, “We’ll be stuck here for a while while a farmer tries to get his cow off the line.” That’s what happens when you pretty much live in the countryside.

Not to mention the weather excuses. “It’s too hot,” “It’s too cold,” “There is a leaf on the line.” Plus the “trespasser on the line” line – that seems to happen on a weekly basis.