You know what really grinds my gears?


Like being your friend


Got a little peek behind the curtain on that one;- “Yeah but it’s ok because I can think of loads of far worse things.” You need a friend.


Fatties, Chileans, bodybuilders, Asians.

Who the fuck do you like? @AbouCuellar :joy:


Himself, in a mirror.


I was going to say that the good thing is that our organism has been nicely crafted through evolution so to be pretty good at keeping us geared away from these types of questions and onto pleasurable/survival-related distractions like copulating, social interaction, eating, sport (exercise), etc. Such that we spend a very very small fraction of our time actually absorbed by such horrible questions.

Anyways, this has been fun. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I like you, Doc.


Not to mention anyone that inflates his ego and agrees with him…well only for that brief moment but then if you disagree he will dislike you in a heartbeat! His is the only opinion that is right and worth listening to on this forum, anyone notice that., and by god you better agree or it is ‘strawman’ etc.


lol take your tinfoil hat off mav, I actually like everyone on this forum, even @Arsenal4thetreble, except for the moments when his trolling/I started watching ‘soccer’ 5 years ago and think I know what I’m talking about routine gets particularly insufferable.

Well, except for that @TheSpecialCnut. He’s a real barbaric cunt.


do you really though, because as soon as someone has a differing opinion to you you get rather forceful and brutal and out comes a nasty side.


Or maybe you’re just not used to such straight-talking edge. :sunglasses: :cool:


To be fair, so do plenty of others here.


You appear to be describing instincts which could as accurately be used to describe a dog as a human. Evolution is not really the issue. It’s not mutations in our DNA which have lead to compassion, generosity or honesty. These are social constructs which influence the level to which individuals subscribe (or not). The same can of course be said for selfishness and greed.

The one area where evolution is relevant is intelligence, or more specifically being intelligent enough as a species to become self aware. And, among other things, being self aware means that we are capable of empathy and therefore compassion.

Don’t blame the evolution of the human race to defend the fact that in this instance you exhibit neither.


Empathy and compassion have much more to do with human social evolution than consciousness. Consciousness itself is actually very likely an after the fact construct or ‘illusion’. I promise you that I exhibit compassion and empathy lol, one can be edgy af on an internet forum and later be a normal dude in real life, I promise. :wink:

Like I said, this has been fun, I gotta get back to work because I’ve given myself too long of a break due to the funness of this. We’ll get all next level another time. :vulcan_salute:


so you’re fake then?


He likes trolling himself. Not others who do it appearently :thinking::no_mouth:


I don’t normally get drawn into these things so I’m going to leave it there too.

It’s not a personal thing, but having seen the effects of eating disorders first hand, I felt it important to challenge attitudes like yours. It comes as no surprise to me that there are people out there who’s friendship hinges upon physical appearance (or what they get from the deal), but I was slightly taken aback by your (and others) frankness on the subject.

It’s important to me that anyone reading this conversation who might be suffering with weight (or any other) issues sees that these opinions are in the minority, as evidenced by the generally good people of OA. Nice one OA.


A sociopath doing what needs to be done to blend in.


This thread is just brilliant since I last checked in.

Kudos to all involved, even AC, just about




Look, obviously if one of my friends put weight on, it wouldnt change my relationship with them in any way whatsoever, they would still be my friends completely. That should be the reasonable answer, and I can’t believe there is a situation where I have to make that clear.

However, as they are my friend, and I care about them, I would ask if there was a particular reason for them gaining weight (if it is very visible and sudden change). If everything was ok, and if they were doing anything about it (if not then ask if they were thinking about doing something etc.) and if they needed any help if they were.

The fact is, obesity is not good for you. There is a higher risk of heart problems, sleep apnoea, gut problems, cancer and diabetes. Many of these things can be cured by losing weight.

Obviously you go about addressing weight issues with sensitivity, not by being a spare prick about it.


Chances are Cuellar is that guy that goes around asking fat chicks if their pregnant :joy:

On a side note im here having lunch and Adelle comes on the radio. @Gunnergirl would be triggered rt now :rofl: