Yaya Sanogo


Arseblog wrote a brilliant blog on him today lol. Arsenal cult hero IMO

Yaya “The Chaos” Sanogo :sunglasses:


He got to play against Liverpool in the league, Bayern in the CL and in an FA Cup final. He should count himself a very privaliged player considering he is nowhere near our level.


Signed for Toulouse :slight_smile: 3 years.


He might actually score a goal if he has three seasons to do it.


I thought Toulouse were better than that.


Hmmm, Toulouse isn’t too far of a drive from Madrid. I think I finally found a new club.


Do you remember when you thought this guy was going to be class?


He will end up there in the end! Mark my words.


He’ll never be allowed forget :arteta:


I remember when I thought he could be a good back-up striker for us, yes.


even thinking that is embarrassing :slight_smile:


I agree, but second half of 13-14 Giroud can make people think/do crazy things.


best of luck to Sanogo, but honestly a top flight french club is still to much for him, even though they are near the bottom


Good luck Yaya!


Don’t worry, if he does his job well, they won’t be in the top flight for too long.

Harsh I know.


People are underrating Sanogo on here, he isn’t good enough for us but could make it a hoofball club. Alongside Morata he was top scorer at under23s European Championships and he scored 10 goals in 13 starts as a teenager in ligue 2. Since then he’s hardly had any games but scored 3 goals in 4 starts in the championship for Charlton. Scored that 4 goals against Benfica in pre-season. Scored against Dortmund and looked lively against Bayern and Liverpool.

Sanogo isn’t good enough technically for a big club that plays possession football but could be a double digits striker with regular starts and the right sought of service, ie whipping in loads of crosses.

He’s been really unlucky too. If Giroud got injured in his first season he could of get 10 or so games to get some experience. All of the loan clubs have preferred to develop their own players rather than our loanee.




the guy doesn’t even look like he can play football


Neither does Andy Carroll and he’s still forged himself a top flight career.


Andy Carroll is like Messi compared to Sanogo