Yaya Sanogo


Carroll is a good striker who has been injured a lot but still has a better goal scoring rate against us than Sanogo has for us.
He is also a decent footballer

Sanogo is one of the worst strikers I have seen in an Arsenal shirt.


Pretty sure Palace, Charlton, Ajax and Ajax reserves fans don’t rate him either.


Charlton fans did/do. Palace fans I don’t know. Ajax fans didn’t get to see him and one of their coaches didn’t rate him

Carroll a decent footballer? He can’t control a ball, can’t dribble and has the agility of a donkey. He’s decent at out jumping and outmuscling a defender and that’s about it.

Sanogo has barely played for us to be able to judge him anyway. I think he’s started less than 10 games in 4 years. The lad has had no breaks whatsoever.


He played a couple of matches for the first team and some for the reserved. I’m pretty sure their fans know enough of him to judge.

Re hoofball: did he really do much with crosses? I don’t remember it being his strong side either.


I watch West Ham quite a lot and he has a lot more to his game than just strength.
He can control the ball and he lays off the ball to other players and his passing and awareness are good, as well as his heading and scoring strengths.
I can assure you he is a far better all round player than Sanogo.

I don’t even know what Sanago’s strengths are.


His CHAOS FACTOR :giroud3:


Bizarrely, the two best games he played for us were vs Dortmund / Bayern.

For an utterly crap footballer, that is a pretty great claim to have.




Great news.
This means he will be big signing in the next transfer window.
I just hope none of the other top managers have read this or we’ll lose out.
I don’t want him being another top player we miss out on and then say we tried.


Pascal Dupraz is smart. Getting a player like Sanogo on a free who used to be highly rated and if he does turn out to be good then great, if he doesn’t well he doesn’t stand Toulouse anything.


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He’s done well to not make the top 10 there


Sorry for the kid… it was Wenger’s fault to put him onto the spotlight that he was not ready for.
Wish him good luck on his future career, being a professional football or not.


Another one of Wengers top signings.
No wonder we don’t win anything significant .
Sanogo… WTF







In a crossing team he has potential to be decent at this level. I hope he does well.



The one we’ve all been waiting for! :sunglasses:


How about what he does while still at Arsenal? Fuck you Yaya!