Yaya Sanogo



He wasn’t that vital was he?


No he fucking wasnt.


He is up there with the worst strikers I can remember Wenger buying.
We’ve had Park, Gervinho, Chamakh, Aliadiaire, Vela, Bendtner, as well as Sanogo.
There are defenders who have a better scoring rate than him.

He’s been on loan at Crystal Palace and Charlton and was just as poor there.
I can’t believe Wenger tolerates these type of players for so long.


Bendtner doesnt belong on a list of our worst strikers. The lad scored the guts of 50 goals in an Arsenal shirt.


The game changed when he came on for Podolski, dragged defenders out of position and gave Giroud more space. I remember it was boo’ed at the time. Looking at the goals he dragged 2 defenders out for the Kosceilny’s goal from the corner made a run to pre-assist Ramsey’s goal.


Its like when Stalin was in power this. Re writing history. John Hawley is the only player to come anywhere close to being as bad as him.


There nothing wrong with recognising him playing an indirect but important role in like two matches. Bringing him on for Podolski certainly facilitated a positive change and he did play a clumsy role in Ramsey’s winner. It does mean that anyone is saying that he isn’t totally fucking shit. Comparing it to Stalinist revisionism is a tad over the top to say the least :smile:


To be fair to Bendtner, he was a bit of a super sub before he left us and his goal ratio was pretty good.
It’s a shame his attitude and ego got in his way.


He’s really bad, yes, but he was an upgrade over that terrible (fatigued?) version of Giroud in the games he started in 13-14, and in that way had a positive impact on the team, even if it was a negligible one. Played well thrown into the fire against Bayern too for some 60-70 minutes.

He’s crap, but I wouldn’t put him up there with our worst ever players (c’mon, Squilllaci, Bischoff, Armand Traoré…) I’d throw him in there with Chamakh basically, who was crap too (and a baffling signing, but I digress), despite some people who continue to strangely suggest otherwise.


Chamakh scored something like 10 goals before he was replaced by RVP after a dozen or so games lol. You were epically wrong about Sanogo. Perhaps more wrong than any human being has ever been in the history of mankind. If I were you I’d just forget about it.


That was a very good team offensive team he was playing in, before injuries hit, and his contribution was extremely overrated because people found the concept of a hard-working target man novel. He was crap.


Yes, but he wasn’t Sanogo level crap.


Sanogo has to be up there with out worst ever signings, the guy cant even play football properly


Tbf Stalin played a part in the demise of the Nazi war machine.
Ive got nothing for Yaya though.:wink:


“A part” might be underselling Russia’s role just a little bit haha

Let’s not get into that here though :campbell:


There’s probably better players than Sanogo on this forum


you? Why not try out for gunners ladies :slight_smile:


Why not, I would’ve scored a few goals in Sanogo’s place. :slight_smile:


They also had a big part in building it so that’s a draw there.


It might not have got so big if some had got involved a bit earlier.