Yaya Sanogo



His majesty required few words.


“I won’t let the Sano go down on me, I wount let the Sano go down”


He really was the definition of Bambi on ice, finally glad to get him off our books.


That’s the first part of Kylian’s pocket money sorted then.


Have nothing against him personally but he was just so awful for us, about time he left. Probably our worst ever player and will no doubt end up in the lower french leagues again


Still. Scored against Dortmund, that was a quality night.


Proper Sanogolazo that.


I’ll never forget the excitement around of him scoring four goals in a pre season friendly and some were getting excited of a breakout season for the lads. In the end, the chaos factor went to Palace and did sod all there as well :sweat_smile:

Wenger’s normally pretty decent at unearthing unknown talents, but this proved to be one of his raspberries.


Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo madness

Watching that match we thought we just unearthed the new Pires and Henry :disappointed:


nobody thought that



Fixed it @Midfield_Maestro


In the years coming we will grow to regret this, if we just had given him more time and a chance we could have had another eto’o on our hands!


Another clown like Eboue . Simply not good enough for this club , total waste of money and time .
Bye bye Nogoals



Sano-goal :disappointed_relieved:



Isn’t that @Cristo


Genuinely interested to see who takes him.

He’s played for some good clubs considering how shit he is.

But now he’s 24 years old and basically never played. Since the start of 2011 he’s got 25 competitive starts, 12 of which were for Auxerre.


He could be a good option for a relegation outfit or championship side who wanted to play hoofball

It’s funny 5 years ago and Eisfeld was a more promising youngster than Gotze according to Dortmund fans and Sanogo was top scorer at the under 21 European Championships