Yaya Sanogo


Is he even training with the first team ?


Is he at least playing with our youth?


Yeah, honestly, wtf is going on with him? Guess they’re just running down his contract/weren’t able to find anyone to pay him to pay for their club?

Don’t think he’s appeared for the youths once.


This must be the final year of his contract as its his 4th season at the club, I’m pretty sure it was big summer signings of Ozil & Sanogo that same summer.


you can be arrested for that !


4 years at 30 k a week ,what a waste !
6.2 millions worth to be precise !

What annoys me with this deal is the profligate waste .

Yaya was a nice young man whose own club Auxerre was considering not extending his 5,000 euro a week salary becasue of his injury record .
So we coul dhave signed him up on say 5 k a week max 10 for 1 opt 1 year and it would be a gamble worth taking .
No Arsenal go and offer the man a four year deal at 30 k a week . . . .thats big !


Some guys have all the luck.



Has he got a gangrenous penis?..must be something personal and mortifying!


Abou-itis I’d say.


Finally some clarification from the boss:

After last night’s 2-0 defeat to Southampton in the EFL Cup, Arsene Wenger was asked about the whereabouts of Yaya Sanogo.

The Frenchman has been nowhere to be seen this season, not even in this particularly competition, and it seems fairly obvious that injury is the cause.

However, the manager’s comments were a bit odd. He said Sanogo has a calf problem but explained it in a rather odd way. Here’s what he said verbatim:

“He had a real medical problem, you know, that I cannot explain to you here because it’s a confidential problem.”

“Not a secret problem, but it’s medical. I cannot speak about that medically but it’s no life threatening problem.

“He had a long-term injury and I am not specialised enough to explain to you what it is in his calf, but we had to rest him completely.”

Sounds serious.


I hope he can walk again.


It could be blood clots. Chris Bosh of the NBA has this issue, and they are afraid to let him on the court for legal reasons.


I knew there was something special about the kid.


hes a massive clot your right


Yaya Sanogo's Arsenal contract expires this month and he will leave the club. [@GFFN via L'Equipe] #afc pic.twitter.com/X4zQrXHG9t

— afcstuff (@afcstuff) June 3, 2017

Close the door on your way out Yaya :slight_smile:


So sad. We lose a truly WC striker :hipster:


No posts in this thread for 6 months until now just about sums Sanogo up


Don’t wake me up before you Sanogo


Bye Yaya.