Yaya Sanogo



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They all play in different positions so I’m not sure why they are linked.
[/quote]It was more the level of quality than the positions they play in.
I just can’t see why a top four team has a player as poor as Sanogo in it.

I know Wenger has a habit of persisting with under performing players, but this is ridiculous.
It’s not as if he was any better when he went out on loan.


How many year deal did this guy sign ? This is his 4th season at the club correct ?


He’s in it for life. Our players get a automatic 1 year extension if they’re injured more then 6 months. That’s how we were able to keep Diaby for so long!


I reckon if and when Asano gets a work permit him and Akpom will be released.


After all these years of seeing Arsene show faith in a player that the rest of world knows is shit, I have come to the conclusion that this is Arsene’s way of doing charity. He is being charitable by allowing players like Almunia, Chamakh, Cygan, Senderos, Sanogo to play for Arsenal even though they showed how limited they were in the first few games they played for us.

Another theory that I have is that Wenger hangs on to utter shit like Sanogo so that all other players in his position start to look like footballing gods. We know Giroud is not the most loved Arsenal player but a few games of Sanogo and we will all be begging for Giroud to start wouldn’t we?


It’s the second paragraph. Just wait until Sanogo scores against Charlton or some other league one shit factory in the league cup (sorry LTG)…then Wenger gets to say , " well fans want strikers but they can’t see 5 feet in front of their face because we have Yaya. He didn’t cost 55 million so no one rates him but I do and this proves I was right to keep him in the squad"


Sometime in 2018 ,ooo I can hardly wait !


Can’t believe he is still here. And he is probably gonna play in the EFL Cup as well.


Yeah, but we have Akpom, who I’m really a lot more excited about. Doesn’t make any sense to keep him around.


So…just what HAS happened to the where abouts of this guy? We really are letting his contract down big time.


Kallstrom, Inamoto et Al?
Yaya is gonna be busy delivering cards n letters for the next 7 weeks.
A good gig actually.


I got made redundant once and did Xmas at the post office ,double shifts for 8 weeks solid with only Sunday off ,mental tiring but paid for me to sit on a beach in thailand for 6 weeks !


I don’t think that’s a good job for him.

It’s going to be difficult for him putting a letter in something shaped like a goal.


A lot of strain on the knees pushing those post-carts around too.


Everyday he is tweeting Arsenal’s images.

Yaya is a Gooner :cupid:


I’d be tweeting like fuck too if I was getting paid five figures weekly to sit on my hole with no expectations over ever having to actually play a game.


lol what?

this was his last tweet way back in April


The last activity on his twitter was retweeting this in May:

what are you looking at Maxi?!


I think he meant Instagram, Yaya has been posting a lot of pictures recently.


soory, not tweet, Facebook.