Yaya Sanogo

Hopefully he’ll have a good run out for us this season. A solid 12-15 games should show what a great talent he is.

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There is no way he is getting 12-15 games for us

Cant believe we still have him

If we’ve kept him, he should at the least be starting every FA Cup and League Cup games otherwise what is the point?

Training dummy obviously.

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I would use him as a super sub remember how disruptive he was to Hull City? He changed the whole game. That should translate nicely in the CL and against the other Big 4 teams.


I thought this guy was pretty much out of contract…when does his contract finish then?

Do you mean, what is amazing about keeping Sanogo and selling Gnabry and loaning Wilshere?
Have you seen Sanogo play?


Yea, was thinking about more too. 20+ seems about right.

Mins that is not games !

Have a feeling he will be back up for Giroud and Perez will be placed on the flanks.

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If that happens, I want to see the disgusting look of Ozil and Sanchez.

Its both.

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Yea, was thinking about more too. 20+ seems about right.
[/quote]If he gets that many games, I can see him maybe scoring.
I think he’s averaging about a goal every twenty games for us, so he is bound to score at least one.

The only reason I can see for him staying, and not going out on loan, is that all the other clubs have seen him play.

How about you shut your fucking mouth


Wenger was quoted in the release for his signing that he sees his best position as being on the bench next to Aaron Ramsey…:giroud:

But you just don’t know though…with the Chaos he could be a fucking monster for our club!

They all play in different positions so I’m not sure why they are linked.

Sanogo is far from special but he might prove more valuable to the squad than Jack this season. Even if just as a injury crisis buffer of sorts. We are well stocked everywhere but striker so it makes sense to keep Sanogo as an ‘on the fringes’ kind of player, as opposed to the others.

I am of the impression that Gnabry is years away from being of value to the wings himself, so why does it bother you if he is no longer available now?

The problem with top level clubs is that they can’t really afford to hoard elite youths outside of the starting 11. The players either stagnate through lack of game time, or they get their game time but due to being in development, don’t allow their team to operate at full effectiveness.

Damned if you do damned if you don’t with youths tbh. Sanogo might surprise us all though. :slight_smile:

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This is definitely true.

You cant handle the truth