Work/life balance

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I hear ya. Although I’m not far off 40 already. My change from teacher to developer has paid off. With Covid, we are now fully remote with no intention of returning to an office. The only thing is that I don’t think I’ll stay in this job beyond June. I’ve reached my ceiling here. Hoping I can find a another remote job where I can do only meaningful and productive work rather than busy work. I like that i can get most of my work done in 4-6 hours a day and then spend time studying, working out or whatever else it is I want to get done. I’m hoping though that within the next few years I’ll be able to take even more control. Retirement is a joke. My pension isn’t great. Pensions are getting worse overall. If can create decent passive income, then I can enjoy life now instead of 25+ year from now.


I am glad coding worked out for you. That’s was a brave and massive switch for you.

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Thanks. I’ve even decided to work towards a Computer Science degree, but it’s mostly for me to get a better foundation and understanding of the theory. I want to go beyond web development and can’t wait to take the module on Operating Systems and Networking. It’s an Associates degree at University of the People. So tuition free, just $100 per exam. And I was able to transfer all of my general education courses over for $17 per course, so it’s pretty cheap. Just had to take a stupid Online Educational Strategies course to start. That’s been boring as it’s covered things I’ve covered before and taught before, but it’s just about done and it’ll all be CS courses from here on out, plus a course in Stats using R.


Very nice. I started a consulting business earlier this year before COVID got out of hand. Gotta say the current economic climate it’s a risk to go fully independent but again you never know what might happen to your job if you have one. For me it’s nice to have some control and ownership.


Fair play to all to all of you thinking outside the square trying to have your own side business etc, not an easy thing to do and I hope it all work out for all of you.

My job is secure job with pretty good pay and good entitlements within Melbourne’s public transport system eg ( 4 weeks annual leave a year, 13 RDO’s, 5 bonus days & 15 sickies ) but I’d love to be able to have the balls to do something for myself haha.


I’ll probably retire around 45 to 50…taking over my father’s properties and fully going into property development. I love finding absolute shit holes and turning them into blinding value.

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You can be on homes under the hammer!!!

Don’t want to giving my ideas away haha.