Work/life balance

I’m so glad you’ve got plenty of work to fall back on. Definitely takes the edge off something like this knowing you’ll be comfortable regardless.

I loathe work places and how they treat people. I loathe how they never truly care for the well being of people they employ. I got signed off recently from work for stress due to the overwhelming workload I’m having to deal with (it’s been 18 months of us dealing with 3x our usual work load, and in the end I just couldn’t handle it). And on Friday I got an email advising that they are investigating serious concerns about the quality of my work. Funny enough, last month I had a performance review and scored very highly across the board and was praised for being producing the highest quality of work.

As soon as I got myself 3 weeks off work for stress (and also physical sickness), they’ve mysteriously found serious concerns with my work.

It’s pretty much why I never like to go above and beyond for an employer because they never truly appreciate it and you’re always one mistake away or one instance of bothering someone in senior management from being in serious trouble with your workplace.

Keep your head up brother, enjoy your time out from work to do some things you enjoy snd haven’t been able to prioritise and get straight back into work when you feel mentally and physically rejuvenated. So long as you’ve got money to pay the bills, work can wait for now.

And don’t ever let this drop. Chase this as far as you can. I work in the legal profession, unfortunately not employment law so I can’t help, but just reading your stuff I can fully believe you’ve got something worth pursuing.


Thanks man and hope you’re okay too!!

Totally agree with everything you’ve said there. People never notice when you do too or go over and above but are always quick to notice when there’s a mistake or something missing.

I think a lot of the way companies treat people is down to the fact they think employees are stupid and not intelligent enough to persue things or know their rights, I think a lot of it is also the ego of people higher up the chain thinking employees would never have the courage to challenge the or such big decisions.


These cases summarise why I’ll work my hardest when working but won’t let work interfere with my personal life. I’ve been lucky enough that ive been able to easily leave any job that’s affected my work/life balance


Also one piece of advice that I can truly give is never work to the point of exhaustion for your work, especially as your health truly is wealth - it is everything. Auto-immune response to stress (doing x3 times my workload) led to double kidney failure and now dialysis. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard, bro please take care of yourself and future stressful situations.


@BergkampsLoveChild definitely review your employment contract. You should be entitled to a certain notice period depending on how long you’ve worked there (wrongful dismissal - this is a contractual right). But if the contract wording is tight, then get advice on unfair dismissal (statutory right).

Both are avenues to explore for sure. I’m relieved to hear that your skills are in high demand, but make these cunts accountable.

A strongly worded legal letter setting out their breach of contract and/or grounds for unfair dismissal should get them to take you seriously. Fucking cunts. Good luck bro.

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I’m really sorry to see how your involvement with this club has turned out so badly.

My experience with golf clubs is that the management committees and general managers are usually exceptionally incompetent and arrogant. There’s also about 20 percent of members who are impolite, selfish dicks. I’ve left multiple golf clubs before because I couldn’t stand the management. I now drive an hour each way when I golf just to play at a decent place where they don’t drive me mad as my local clubs are now so bad and over crowded where getting a tee time is very difficult, especially in the winter. So think it’s important you try not to take it personally as it’s just down to their general management incompetence which you can’t change. It’s also a real shame that none of them were man enough to give you a proper explanation but again it looks like this spineless behaviour sums them up well.

As Sol mentions it’s worth checking your employment contract to ensure you’ve had your notice paid properly.

Regarding a tribunal claim for wrongful dismissal it depends on whether your employment was terminated before 2 years of employment were completed. If less than 2 years it’s hard to make a claim unless you can show the dismissal was genuinely related to a protected characteristic eg disability, race, sexual orientation etc.

Any award would also take account of your ability to get an equally paid similar job quickly as that would affect your damages. Given your ability to get work very quickly this may make the exercise more stress than it’s worth so you may be better putting it down to experience and moving on with your life positively rather than being dragged down in time consuming litigation for limited gain although that’s a personal choice.

You can however leave a detailed review on websites like Glassdoor so that those who follow you are warned about these spineless, incompetent dick heads. It’s a good way to out poor employers like this, it’s done in an hour and you can get on with enjoying your work life again after this horrible experience.

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