Wojciech Szczesny


Szczesny has made improvements but his concentration is still an issue and that was fundamentally what made him a poor first choice for Arsenal.

I’d rather we signed another keeper.


I would like to keep Cech and find a new young solution like Kepa (Bilbao).


I’m not going to pretend to be a great judge of keepers, but what about young Pickford? He’s certainly caught the eye but I can’t speak to his ability beyond shot stopping much, does he look like he struggles coming for crosses, commanding his area, organising his defence etc?

Surely we could offer him plenty of match time to continue his development across the league, domestic cups and Europa League. I’m sure we could even offer him ten or so league games and Cech would be OK with that if we ditched out strict cup rotation policy with keepers by reinstating Cech for the later stages of all the cup competitions. Right now we’re a very good cup team and Cech would be happy to be participating and hopefully lifting those trophies instead of seeing Ospina or Pickford or whoever play instead. Surely there’s more satisfaction in that than just being our league keeper for 38 games and finishing somewhere between third and fifth, which is fairly inconsequential for someone as used to winning stuff as Cech is.


Your post has a sense @JakeyBoy, but I doubt about his body structure. He is agile, good tecnhique, but is he good on aerial duels? good enough with clearences? good enough to catch the ball and use his body?

I don’t know.


I’m not confident about players who have been loaned out that often and are still at Sunderland at age 23 compared to goalkeepers like De Gea, Oblak and Courtois who had reached so much more at the same age. We should be able to find someone closer too the 2nd category I would say.


Haha yeah, neither do I. Hopefully someone else can weigh in here, I’m not sure who our resident keeping expects are though to tag anyone?

You could replace Pickford’s name in my post with any good young keeper to be honest, he was just a name off the top of my head as I pretty much only watch PL football so I don’t know about players like Kepa.

Edit: @SDGooner that’s a fair point, if Pickford isn’t close enough to that category then we should look elsewhere.


Kepa has for me a better structure than Pickford. The english GK is 185 x 77kg and the young spaniard GK is 188 cm x 84 kg.

I could name other interesting young GKs like Onana or Lafont, but recently how many promising young GKs have failed?

Areola returned to PSG, was ready to be a starter but Emery replaced him with Trapp. Klopp signed Karius, promoted him as starter and but replaced him with Mignolet. Sevilla have Rico (U23) but isn’t good enough for them, imagine for us.

Maybe with Ederson at City, Gerónimo Rulli (he was under contract with a third part company linked with Manchester City) could become available, but is he good enough?

Donnarumma is very young, his contract will expire at the end of next season, but his agent is Mino Raiola and for his client will ask a monstre wage. Apart that, he is good, but probably a little bit overrated.

Other good names are Pickford (like Jakey said), Butland (injury-prone?), Bernd Leno (Karius 2.0?).


Would he accept to fight with Cech for the number one spot after 2 seasons as first choice? If he came back he would be as our first goalie.


The rumor now is that he’s joining Juventus.

Would be a really dumb decision to let him walk.


He’s been away on loan for 2 seasons and (i think) his contract ends next season. And Juve want him. He’s going.


He has played a very good season for Roma, a positive loan spell for the man, but about the football qualities he has confirmed his strenghts but also confirmed his weaknesses.


Which is what most people won’t know because they haven’t watched Roma. His weaknesses are still there he’s just gotten better at the things he was already good at.


He went on loan because he lost his place to Cech. He’s now joining a club where he will be behind a club legend.

Smart mate. Very smart.


Incredible how a part of Arsenal fan use everything to attack & blame the club & Wenger, even using the departure of him:


Maxi didn’t you throw an absolute shit fit and say you’d truly be Wenger out if he chose to play Ospina ahead of Cech in the final?


When I think of Szczesny I still remember him saving us from the worst of all Wenger’s decisions which was Almunia as number 1 for 3 years so forgive some of us for having some affection for the guy.


To play as reserve? Very dumb move.


Buffon is like 80 now to be fair. So he wouldn’t have long to wait.

But still, if he goes I’m joining Online Juventus. @Luca_from_Italy will you teach me Italian?


Certo cara. For sure darling :wink:


Nonsense post into Wojciech thread.

However, yes, but Cech has been benched for a slight injury.