Wojciech Szczesny


Yeah it doesn’t belong in this thread, but another impassioned defence of Wenger/criticism of his detractors from you brought it to mind. If you like I can ask again but in a different thread :slight_smile:

So was it confirmed that he had an injury? He was on the bench so I figured he was pretty much ok.


It’s a fact, Szczesny is a good GK but not good enough for a top team because of his weaknesses seen even with Roma.

Try to watch games like Roma v Porto or the last Roma v Genoa.


A winner medal will compensate for his time on the bench :wink:.


Well Juventus coming in for him they must see something in him. I personally think he doesn’t want to come back, why not sit on the bench at Juventus and win stuff as 2nd choice rather then struggling to get top 4 with us. Fair play to him I say.


Looks to be going then


Oh feck off – Szczesny is worth more than Gibbs! And if he’s good enough for Juve, he’s certainly good enough for us!


14 million is hardly anything, kind of a robbery


Good move for both parties as I don’t think he would play for Wenger again.

If Ospina is leaving we need to sign a GK.


Why? He’s going to be their reserve goalkeeper. If we are for a GK we should sign someone who can replace Cech.


Permanently? How do you know this? Surely they see him as Buffon’s successor otherwise why on earth would he want to go there?!


I’m not going to be suprised if they drop a lot of money on a goalkeeper in the next 1 or 2 years. Much like they did with van der Sar <> Buffon around 2000. Players are delusional. It’s also something about (dutch) 16-year olds who join and think they are going to make it big, but end up with random clubs. Like Nacer Barazite for example.


Goalkeepers don’t go for much unless they’re the very best in the world which Szc certainly is not.


Juve must rate Woj highly then if they see him as a successor to Buffon for the long term.

Gutted to be honest.


Or they need competition for Buffon in the short time and Woj is proven in Serie A and if he does well could be good enough to be their starting GK. There are interesting keepers out there. Lafont, who we’re meant to be tracking, Leno, the Polish guy who’s name I don’t feel like spelling, etc. I’m satisfied with sticking with Cech for a year more, with Martínez behind him, and seeing what options are out there.

Szczesny in the end is what he is; poor with his feet, great reflexes and very nice size, a very nice shot stopper with a rash mistake or loss of concentration in him. There will be others like him out there, and if we want world class we should be looking at developing someone like Lafont, IMO.


In Juventus case we have Fabio Carini and Andreas Isaksson. At the time two very promising keepers. Would say they did rather ok in the end, but that’s about it.


Juve also get to weaken a rival, win win for them.


Pretty possed off he is going but whatever.


honestly selling him after loaning him out for 2 seasons so he could be our number 1 again seems like a waste of time, and pretty pointless


Never really thought he was going to come back TBH. Am I completely confident in the keepers we have, no, but do I think Szczesny will help with that, no. So, not really too fussed about him going to Juve.

We have two high quality keepers and if we can defend like we did towards the end of the season with 3 at the back, we don’t really have to be concerned about our keeper situation.


I guess Ospina is staying or Martinez as number 2, then.