Wojciech Szczesny

So what do you think Wenger does in the summer? Keep or sell?

Very interesting who leaves out of the three gk’s in the summer. Got a feeling it will be Ospina sadly.

  • Keep
  • Sell

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Keep him. I love him. He’s been pretty decent for Roma, not perfect - but no GK is. And he clearly loves Arsenal. I actually agree with that article on Arseblog - it’s nice to have someone a little mental around :grin:

I also think he’s better than Ospina so if it’s either or then I’d pick Szczesny.

Sell him and give Ospina a chance as first choice next season.


Shit or get off the pot time. Sell him or sell Ospina (Cech is going nowhere). Don’t have a real preference if I’m honest, there isn’t much in it between the two.

How’s he been playing this year?

He showed great promise as a 19/20/21 year old, so if he’s happy to fight for top spot with Cech I’d keep him if he’s not fallen off a cliff in terms of ability.

I really don’t get this cult of Ospina we seem to be developing here. It feels to me like any player that plays less and doesn’t have as many chances to fuck up is by default better than a player making a few mistakes but Ospina was hardly faultless. Maybe short term you replace an out of form player with his back up but there are far too few games for me to definitely say he’s better and I really don’t trust a short keeper.

It’s hard to say, because I suspect none of us have been following Roma enough to gauge Szczesny’s improvement as a netminder over his time there. Meanwhile Ospina is only selected on occasion, so it’s hard for us to judge him on a consistent basis.

So basically, by virtue of the goaltending position being the one where #1 is dominant and the rest are fighting over scraps, it’s very hard to make a judgment who is 2nd best and who could take over post-Cech. Based only on Szczesny’s age (which is then harsh on Ospina) I’d probably keep him for the longevity.

Keep him and sub him on when we concede penalties. Do they allow you to make the sub after the penalty is awarded ?

I don’t know. I was against him in the past because mentally he was miles away to be a good GK for a top club, but apparently the experience with AS Roma, playing for particular fans with huge pressure, is helping him to become better on and off the pitch.

Petr Cech remains a great GK, a factor for us, but he is 35. We will need a new GK in the future (not long time) and Szczesny could be a good solution especially if there is a lack of qualities into the young GKs around the World. Apart Gigio Donnarumma, for the rest I don’t see particular qualities watching other potential great stoppers like Timo Horn or Areola.

In my opinion, David Ospina will leave us at the end of the season to join a club which can guarantee to him a place into the XI. Martinez is good but his lack of experience is big. Szczesny is still young, has experience, loves the club and the team-mates love him. I will be not against the decision to keep Woji if Arsène will decide to reintegrate him.

Sell and move on.

Absolutely not.

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Totally agree, time to move on.

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Bold statement inbound

I’d make Woj our number 1 once again next season.

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We had Szcesney who was unpredictable, inconsistent and didn’t have the respect of the defenders he played with.

We then got Cech, who is a top GK, who commands the respect of his team mates.

To say going back to Szczesney is a backward step would be an understatement.

He represents an era that I don’t want again.
If he had never played here, we wouldn’t be giving him a second look.
There are plenty of GK’s in Europe that are easily as good, if not a lot better than him.

I put him in the same bracket as Almunia, Fabianski and Mannone.
Please not again.

Absolute nonsense, He’s far better than all of those and the fact that a team who realistically are in the Serie A picture have taken him on loan for 2 seasons while the rest ended up at Watford, Swansea and Sunderland respectively is enough to show that.


He’s far better than those 3 and FWIW Fabianski is clearly better than the other 2 you mentioned.

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Only saw some of Roma’s match today against Udinese. But looked like another decent performance from ‪Szczesny, he made a great save! And that’s his 8th clean sheet in the league this season.

[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:14, topic:1140, full:true”]

Absolute nonsense, He’s far better than all of those and the fact that a team who realistically are in the Serie A picture have taken him on loan for 2 seasons while the rest ended up at Watford, Swansea and Sunderland respectively is enough to show that.
[/quote]He might be marginally better but I still think of him in the same bracket as the others.

He isn’t good enough for a top four team in the PL, and I don’t think we would even be talking about him if he had never played for us.

He is another player that Wenger persisted with for far too long, and he wants to c me here as cover for a decent GK, that’s fine, but not as a first team player.

You been watching his development at Roma? I have, he’s a better keeper.

Right now he’s better than Cech I have no doubt about that. But then so is Ospina.


I’d agree an argument could be made that ospina should be given a shot as number 1 due to Cech not being quite as good as we’d like but what are you basing your claim he is better than cech? We’ve seen him play about 10 games in the past 2 years, every chance he will be no better or worse than cech if given a run

I still think Cech should still be first choice but to be fair to Ospina, he has rarely let us down, so if the chance for him to get a run of games comes along, he should take it.

But I have seen too many games where Szczesney has let us down, with stupid, avoidable mistakes.
Also I found his arrogance and over confidence irritating.
I really don’t want to go back to him being at the club.

Cech and Ospina are both better, and I’m sure there are other GK’s in Europe that are just as good as Szczezney, so he can stay at Roma.