Wojciech Szczesny


Saving a penalty shouldn’t ever be expected tbh.


Law of averages would suggest you wouldn’t concede 15 straight though lol.


Has Szczesny grown out of his brain fart moments or are they still in his game?


Two great GK’s next season then!


Neither are great.


True. Great was maybe an exaggeration. :smile:

Article seems to state we are selling him even if Ospina goes and PL clubs have registered their interest in him.


He has improved a lot at Roma so he deserves another chance.


Hope he’s number 1 gk next season.


Not how Law of averages works I am afraid lol.



Bit late in the day for that isnt it, considering you will be gone from there in about a month!


Always a crazy fucker! :wenger:


Nice interview with Szczesny by Amy Lawrence.

He has Arsenal in his blood. BRING HIM HOME!


Definitely answers my concerns about whether he still wants to play for Arsenal, but I still think he’s one who would prefer Wenger to go this summer


Cech will still be #1 when he comes back so the question is he willing to deputise? Likely not and so can’t see him being here after summer.


According to the italian media, Szczesny and his reps are in talks with Napoli.


Nooooooo. Come home Woj!


Argh, the safe choice here would be Napoli, especially if he feels settled in Italy after a year :grimacing:


really want Chesney back, hope this isn’t true


Yesterday he was close to ruin the Totti Day and the 2nd place for Roma. Made a big mistake…