Wojciech Szczesny


It was Cech and Ospina he was competing with and knowing that Wenger added Cech despite having both him and Ospina chances were pretty slim that he would have gotten enough playing time.

Also quite frankly if he has a chance of playing for Juventus he’s better off than being at Arsenal rn.


Yeah but at least it’s career progress and the hope of a future. Buffon is retiring so he’s probably thinking about being #1 for the biggest club in Italy. He left for two years to avoid a situation at Arsenal and he’d be walking back into the exact same scenario, even if it’s just for pride personally I wouldn’t go backwards like that unless there were guarantees.

In fact it’s not the same scenario because before he would’ve been our CL keeper and now he’d be our EL keeper :smile:

I though two year loans were a good idea to give players time before coming back to replace an elder but now I think it just keeps you too far away from the club for too long that you must struggle to maintain that bond. The team has changed a lot since his last few games. There’s no way it can feel the same after.


I’m still convinced it’s an unfortunate sale and am willing to back the Juventus goalkeeper scouting system over a YouTube video of Szczesny howlers from 2+ seasons ago.

That said, it’s Woj’s choice and he’s making the right one, moreso in relation to the timing of Buffon’s retirement. I would rather have moved on Ospina and brought back Woj but wasn’t going to happen.




This makes me sad :disappointed_relieved:




He can smoke italian cigarettes now :mustafi:


Best of luck to him!




Good luck Woj!





Couldn’t care less. Seeya later Woj


Miss Woj and his antics tbh. One player who didnt shy away from anything. Hope he does well at Juve.


I still insist Woj is worth more than £10m, though it’s an understandable fee given the circumstances. But it seems more and more clear that no matter what Szezesny did at Roma he would not be coming back here, so why didn’t we sell him last summer instead of waiting until he was in the last year of his contract?

It’s staggering that we keep letting this happen. Our plan seems to be to hold on to players who clearly have no future at Arsenal until they become carcasses and then sell them for a packet of quavers.


The fee seems too low. Another case of loaning players out forever, just to sell them for nothing. I guess Campbell will be next at some point, sold to some Portuguese team for 2m and half his wages.


Price is a joke, but best of luck to him.

A few years from now, they’ll resell him to a Premier League team for quadruple what they paid.


Maybe there were no concrete offers to buy him last season.

I believe it took long enough for Roma to sort out his second loan. Anyway it’s worked out a treat for him, two years improving his game with a massive club and now a move to one of the 4 teams that can win the Champion League, plus he gets first dibs on the audition to succeed Buffon

I’m neither gutted or pleased that he’s gone, what I do know is we have a #1 keeper who is declining quicker than expected and a #2 keeper who is decent but nothing more. Juventus are signing Szczesny, Ospina is interesting Fenerbahce…

We’ve had other areas of the time to prioritise this summer but next year should be time to finding the new ‘long term’ Czech replacement, depending on Martinez’ sporadic auditions this season


If we really wanted to sell him we surely could have? He’s not past it, he’d have been a decent option for a lot of clubs.

If he was the only one I’d be inclined to believe it was down to lack of offers or just one of those things. But it keeps happening which just leads me to think it’s bad management. No other clubs seem to have this many players heading into their last year and neither do they face this amount of difficulty offloading players - Spurs managed to get £16m for Bentaleb FFS! And Chelsea could probably sell snow to an Eskimo! We just seem really bad at it.


A few years ago Szcz was considered one of (and i must stress, this wasn’t in anyway an exclusive group) the worlds hottest young goalkeepers.

At this stage my sentimentality would rather give him the move he wants, and not the move that makes us the most money.

I just hope it’s the right move, Buffon was one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, Szcz has a fucking incomprehensible struggle ahead if he is to fill just one of those boots. Even then I just don’t see it being anything other than underwhelming.

@SRCJJ I can’t imagine what you must be thinking at the whole thing. I’m not even a big Italian football fan and for Juve to go from that to this, makes me thing ‘meh’.


Except for putting in reliable and consistent performances.

Personally I feel this is brilliant news and we can look forward towards a better keeper coming in to replace Cech.