Wojciech Szczesny



IMO he’s now a better goalkeeper than anyone we currently have at the club yet we showed zero interest in keeping him so I can’t help but think there is more to this than meets the eye. It surely can’t just be the smoking thing, perhaps something else happened behind the scenes and Woj burnt a lot of bridges?


12M of € plus bonus. If we add how AS Roma paid to sign him on loan, Arsenal sold Szczesny for a fee around 16/17M of €.


Can’t say I’m that bothered he’s leaving tbh.

Plus with no rumours on Ospina leaving now there is no need for him.


should have kept him and got rid of Cech instead, Cech has been on a decline since he joined us. Was just a waste of a 2 year loan if we end up selling him for a measly 8 million


You can add the loan fee onto that £8m as Maxi says. One source I’ve seen puts the second of those two loans at just <£1m. It is a slightly mysterious end to his Arsenal career and I think he could’ve gone for twice that amount, but perhaps the necessity to not lose all of our players entering their final year for free meant we were just prepared to sell him abroad and recoup whatever.

It’s the first piece of the Sanchez/Lemar money to finally come in anyway hah


I think he severely pissed Wenger off and it must’ve been something super bad for Wenger to wash his hands of him.

Don’t think there was any chance in the least of him playing for us again.


Yeah I could be mistaken, but I cannot recall him saying “and we have Sneezy on loan, who is great keeper” when talking about his options… it definitely looks like a situation where he had given up on him, rightly or wrongly.


I think the point when things turned to shit is when Wenger was upset with him for smoking etc and then his dad got involved and started making disparging comments about Him and the squad and basically saying that Wenger was treating him poorly when he is pretty much the best he has got yadda yadda…think that probably was the breaking point. It is bad enough when you have done something stupid and it was wrong but when you start getting parent sticking their fucking noses in and talking to the press etc he thought to himself ‘this twat doesnt act maturely and now he has daddy involved fighting his battles for him out in public dont need a fucking baby here he can sod off’


Quite interesting watching this interview again. 2011 only seems like yesterday!


was that Microsoft Sam doing the voice over at the start of the video


Smoking in the shower after a shocking performance is pretty err… shocking to be fair


Its not that shocking. Its a bit silly but it’s not something I’m shocked by.


Not shocked because it’s hat loonatic that did it but I’d be very shocked to hear of any player smoking in the showers after a game, If not only due to the fact that surly the fag would keep going out! :nerd_face:


I’m shocked by people smoking in showers.

Clearly a quick fire way to bollocks up a smoke.


If not shocking, I reckon news of a player having a fag in the shower right after a match is pretty surprising. Maybe @kaner meant shocking in a fairly mild way rather than :scream_cat:

BTW the load of new smileys we got are pretty neat :breast_feeding:

fucking breastfeeding emoji :joy:


Hahaha exactly. The guys a fucking attention whore, probably not even a heavy smoker just wanted to draw attention away from his hideous performance.

It’s all about the mentality for me, at that point he was a grown ass man not some teenager in highschool, hell I’m a piece of shit and I take my smokes outside not to bother other people who contest to the smell/health issues. As a professional athlete or even as just a regular joe it’s not really excusable.

Wojciech’s personality has never impressed me, he acts arrogant to hide his shortcomings, though unfortunately you can’t really hide said shortcomings when we get to watch them in high definition week in week out.

@JakeBoy don’t do that shit in public some of us are trying to eat.


me irl rn


So are we saying Wenger’s judgement of Szczesny is clouded by a few unsavoury incidents in the past and that he isn’t making an objective assessment of his talent and value? Clearly, if Juve want him to replace a goal keeping legend, they think highly enough of him. I would rather the reasons for letting him go are because Wenger thinks we have better keepers in the squad and that he won’t get a look in rather than some issues they have had in the past.

Whatever the case, still feel 8 million is just bad business. I know there could be reasons like a lack of interest from any other clubs but we seem to get screwed like this more often than I would like


If he thinks Martinez and Macey are better players then he’s lost the plot. Then again, he thought Almunia was #1 material for two years so the plot is probably long gone :grin:

My guess would be Szczesny has no intention of coming back here. A coach that’s dropped him too many times and it seems like all his his mates are off. He left because he didn’t want to compete with Cech and there’s no reason for that stance to have changed.


So he’ll compete with Buffon instead? He could surpass Cech quite easily now I think.

I agree that that probably was the reason for his first loan spell in his mind but now I think there just seems to be too much love lost between Woj and Arsenal and coming back isn’t an option regardless of who he’d be competing with. Which is a big shame in my book.

Weirdly, his first game at Juve could be a friendly v Spurs - if he starts fraternizing with them we know he definitely hates us!