Wojciech Szczesny


One thing I’m certain of is that he isn’t seen as the long term replacement for Buffon and more of a replacement for Neto. It would be mad to replace possibly the greatest goalkeeper of all time with Woj.


is there a viable replacement for the big man?


Lehman has come back to the club, he probably would perform better than sneezy!


The viable replacement just signed a new long term deal at Milan. Thankfully lol


Best anyone will be able to come up with is an overrated and overpriced Butland


according to SSN the fee is actually 14 million and not 8


Ok he may have made a few mistakes then.



doesnt even show the stupid things he did whilst at roma!


Exactly how I feel. He has been with us since he was young so it is a bit sad to see him go but then I don’t think he did enough with the opportunities he had and so I don’t feel like we are losing a great player.

As for Cech, he is declining but he still is worth a few points each season. And with mad Jens at the club now, who knows. But between him and Ospina, I think we have good enough goal keepers, and that means, if we were to fail to achieve our goals next season (whatever they may be), I don’t think we would blame our goal keepers.


Could see Mad Jens getting angry enough to put those gloves back on - also as the new coach you wouldn’t exactly argue with him !!



Cya ;(


Not happy about this at all


I will miss his trolling of Tottenham, that’s for sure. I love Jack’s as well, but not as much as this guy.


I suspect there’s a good chance he’ll carry on lol



Happy days.


That’s the first £10m in the kitty ready for Lemar then…or alternatively the first year of Ozil’s new contract paid for :speak_no_evil:


Didn’t have to do this. Great touch.


Atta boy!


Bloody hell, Woj. :cry: I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Dziękuję Ci.