Wilfried Zaha

Big offer on the table for him from Saudi Arabian club. Be interesting to see if he goes for that over sporting challenge as you gotta think a spurs or Newcastle would be in for him this summer as a free agent. His best days seem to be behind him so how much motivation is left in the tank.

There was never enough in the first place. Your at united under Fergie and moaning about nothing to do in Manchester, your a Palace player all day long.

If he has any sense he’s taking the £9-10m a year from Saudi for a few seasons. Eating it alive there and earning more money in 2-3 years than he’d ever earn staying here


Anyone who’s watched him enough knows there’s been a drop-off this season. He should know that himself. He should cash in while he can.
Even if offers come from big clubs I doubt the terms will be very favourable to him. They’re certainly gonna lowball him.
Had a decent run in the PL, probably made some good money already but he can set up his family for decades now.

Most likely just saving himself.
He is 30 and should have 2 more seasons in him to tear up in La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga if he wishes to be competitive.
As a free transfer, his wages will be affordable for clubs to justify.

Dunno, I think this should be his chance to put himself in the market. We’ve seen it with other players playing
like mad men when they’re running their deals down.
I like him but he’s been playing pretty shit this season which is probably a big reason why Palace have been struggling.

Don’t think he should be cashing out yet. Why not join a Italian, German or Spanish club?

should just stay at Palace and become a club legend

Would he be a club legend if the club gets relegated while he was there?


He surely already is?

Nookie the fucking bear is. It doesn’t take much at Palace.

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Exactly, there isn’t much more than Zaha could do to be classified as one at palace. He’s single handedly kept them up at times over the years.

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I grew up in Croydon, Dougie Freedman and Andrew Johnson (His record was okay mind) were being worshipped at that time. Not a high bar.


Yea he’s their third highest appearance holder and in their top ten for goalscorers. He’s deffo a club legend you’d imagine.

Given the track record of racial abuse from Italian and Spanish fans I’d probably think twice going over there.

Id take him here as a bench option

Don’t think you can see it like that as a pro footballer. Although there are issues with racism, the top teams have black stars. Zaha isn’t going to be isolated at one of the Milan clubs, Atletico, Napoli etc.

It’s no secret that I rate Zaha. He could start at a lot of good teams. Wonder if PSG would have him as a squaddie? Far better than Ettike.

I thought his real name is
Wilfried Zaha Pen

Had a few moments today but comfortable against him on the whole. Will forever have nightmares for his performance at the Emirates in the Emery season. Hopefully the last we’ve seen of him if he fucks off to Saudi.