Wilfried Zaha

Why isn’t there a thread for this lad. Been linked with him since his early Palace days.

Needed at my club de futbol.

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Because 0% chance we buy a player as overpriced as he is on our miniscule budget.

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He’s got to go somewhere tho and it doesn’t seem likely to be either Man City or Chelsea

It doesn’t matter how much we want him, Crystal palace want more than 70m for him.

He’s a good player and would walk into our first team but there is no way we’re spending that sort of money on just one player.

I doubt if our whole transfer window will see spending like that.

I’d certainly rather watch Zaha next season than Iwobi, but then again just about anyone fits that criteria.

He would be a great signing, can be unplayable at times for defenders but palace want way to much for him

Zaha balling at Emirates. :relieved:
Let’s do it. Club needs to chase this down to the wire.
Reckon we could get him for around 40-50 mil. if Zaha the gooner pushes for it. Palace will have to cash out at some point.

Imagine spending £50m on Zaha lol. That’s an outrageous sum of money for a one dimensional talent.


If clubs want to go British buy Bale. If he ends up at United (like everybody seems to suspect), Spurs would probably be the only viable option left. I think Zaha is going to be a Crystal Palace player next season.

I agree. No one is going to stump up. He will be demotivated and play a bit shit too I’d imagine.

if he wants out then he’s going to have to cause a fuss and get Palace to lower the asking price

I’ve seen him several times and each time I’ve been underwhelmed. especially for a player that you’ll be spending +£50m for.

Zaha’s a good dribbler but he’s better and more effective from the right side. When Zaha plays from the left (as he does for Palace) he likes to cut in on his natural right foot. Often cutting into a crowd of defenders, the shots he produces from that position aren’t great and he’s a not a very good creator from there either.

I can imagine him frustrating the life out of Arsenal fans like Iwobi has if he was played from the left. From the right he’s much more dynamic a threat imo. Seems to do his damage in open spaces on the counter. In those positions he carriers a significant threat.

If Arsenal try buying him for £70m, I think I’ll cry. Not sure whether with laughter or sadness yet.

Zaha has unpredictability and explosiveness which catches the eye from time to time, but I don’t think he’s worth anything more than £30m. At least, I’d be disappointed if we spent more than that on him.


I’d give him a little more credit than that, he’s been Palace’s one man attacking force for a number of matches this season.
But I agree we shouldn’t be spending a ludicrous amount on him, but I’d say if we could get him for £35m-£40m he’d be worth it.

Would you take Jenkinson + Chambers +£25m? (not that I can see Palace selling for that mind)

Even with the English tax?

Everton want 20m for Lookman and Zaha has actually done something in the league.

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Yeah, no way Palace sell him for £26m :giroud:

I don’t even think we should give Zaha much thought. No way we can afford him – or if we can, then that’s our transfer budget gone on a player who i’m not totally convinced about.

You spend 10 million more and you would get yourself a better player

40mil+1. The 1 is for the horse.

Buy this chap ASAP !

When was the last time we had a winger who could beat a man ?

Zaha is perfect for us atm. The only concern being the asking prize from Palace.

He is an out and out solo player. Not very good off the ball and not going to be much of a team player.
When the big games arrive he will be nullified easily. Pass on the show pony.