Wilfried Zaha

Nothing disrespectful about it. It could be a win-win-win-win for all parties involved.


First off it should not being dealt with through the media like this.
Ity unprofessional and doesn’t give Palace respect.
The day’s of Arsenal squad players being an upgrade on teams like this have gone. Your literally throwing players that can’t get game time in a poor first team and expecting them to be happy with this. Their ambition Will be well below ours but not seeing anything in them three adding much to their squad.
That’s 3 extra wage packets they have to fund for players who might not feature that much.
Not seeing any upgrades on them for their squad myself.
Deals like this sort appeal to Mike Ashley or newly promoted but Palace are better than that.

Dealings through the media is just tactics. You might not like it, but that is the name of the game. Fuck this talk about respecting other clubs tbh. Arsenal has been shown years of disrespect by dirty tactics on the pitch by 90 percent of the PL clubs and now we should respect them?!

Chambers and Elneny most definitely could be very useful for Palace and their level probably is midtable Premier League. Obviously Palace is in their rights not to except this, but 40-50 million with three players attached is Arsenal still overpaying.

I’m not crying about them not being given respect but don’t expect them to be happy with it and help the negotiation then.
Not in any real need to sell him and won’t help.

Ha, I like that :arteta:

Let’s put some respect on Football Manager’s name here. You can’t do a cash plus 3 player deal in FM2019, shit would not get accepted.

If we’re talking about FM from like ten years ago then anything fucking goes. Chuck in a goalkeeping coach and a few freekick mannequins as well - done deal.


Even sensible world of soccer only allowed 2 players when making a swap

Here we go then, Zaha to be announced tomorrow!


He won’t be announced tomorrow…but hopefully he will hand in his transfer request!

I’m wondering why Max Gradel was the favoured winger for Ivory Coast and not Zaha or Pepe…

Pepe simply didn’t turn up during the group stage and was very mediocre, Gradel was actually decent, not sure why Zaha was benched though, was lively whenever he came on.

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Interesting how we cooled off Zaha with Soares and Pepe. Gut feeling is that this is our board sending a message to Zaha that if he wants a move here he better do something. We’ll see.

They can’t expect Zaha to be that bright


Our attack is going to be lit next season with Soares and Zaha doing all the tricks

Ohh we are the masters of the creative bid lol.

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If Zaha is the answer then what the fuck is the question?
Waste of money .

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arsenal have been challenged, then it’s not going to happen because we can’t complete challenges

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Creative they say? 30m over 15 years+20m if we win the league + 30m if we win the CL+Jenks+Elneny = Creative - Total deal could add up to the £100m they want

Lol God help us if that’s the criteria for buying players.


I thought you were down with buying all the players?