Wilfried Zaha

Oh great does that mean Salaha is on his way to along with Raheem thrown in.

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Wilf Zaha, the only player in the Premier League capable of breaking through Emery’s rock solid tactics. No wonder he’s impressed.


Makes sense tbh, Zaha is a game changer

Especially when we have Mustafi at the back :arteta:

Nah Unai, it was Mustafi who changed the game with the 2nd goal mate.


Just like StatDNA… lol… it is a data point - do we really think these guys, as bad as we think Raul or Emery are, are that one dimensional?

We’ll be buying half the league if that’s the criteria

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this is what I wanted Zaha to do all along, hopefully this pushes for something to happen

Wtf is going on. Had just come to peace with signing Everton.

55m maximum for Zaha or they can fek off.

It’s back on siiiiiiiiiiu

Yeah, this Kaveh fella doesn’t look reliable at all, I’ll pass.

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Making peace with signing everton, wow…everton is a far better winger than Zaha and cheaper…id say fuck zaha off the dumb twat signed a new contract wanting to fuck off its because of him that his price is so high. Everton is a much better player and a lot younger too with a higher ceiling and much cheaper so i would just bin Zaha.

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everton should be and only be second option behind zaha

nah no way, everton shit on zaha with ease and zaha has like 5 years plus on everton, everton hasnt even come close to his peak years yet. Not saying Zaha is shit or anything but i would pick Everton over Zaha in a heartbeat.

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If i could choose freely it would be Zaha.

If i had our current budget I would choose Everton.

Exciting to see wtf we are going to do.

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he was pretty unknown before we got linked with him

was really good at the copa, look at his skills. Just because he was ‘unknown’ by a lot of us doesnt mean he isnt worth getting…This is the exact player we should be getting before he becomes a big name and everyone takes not because when that happens we will never get a look in.

Zaha already is the big name that would instantly improve us, he’s the kind of player that always makes things happen, really handy to have in your team

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Hopefully his transfer request lowers the asking price.