Wilfried Zaha

For £60m I would sooner us try and sign Pepe than Zaha…

We could return for Zaha later as it is unlikely any of the other top clubs would move for him…The only potential one would be Chelsea but can’t see that somehow after opting for Pulisic.

Zaha on the left wing and Pepe on the right wing, with Auba and Laca upfront would be awesome IMO.

50 replies and no updates :neutral_face: :facepalm:

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Is it though? Liverpool cashed in, and came out better. Spurs the same. Leicester following that pattern. Honestly, I can see Everton, West Ham, Wolves and Leicester not wanting to sell atm(lurking over the Top 6) but Palace being this picky, for what?
I can understand keeping an asset like AWB for a year or two more(if his price wasn’t that high) but a team like Palace should cash in on the likes of Zaha if given the opportunity. Quoting 100m for him is simply giving cold feet to any potential buyers.

If we are serious, this is probably what we are banking on… his value is highest now probably. one more year going to add substantially to it? He’ll be turning 28 that year and certainly at that point on diminishing value - we bought Laca and Auba for less FFS.

This could go down to the last day I reckon. The issue is, will Arsenal risk going that far without looking at alternatives? Palace will need to act on it as well.
The way I see it, Palace will simply not sell unless a ridiculous fee comes in. The AFCON has really coincided well with this situation. Sooner Zaha finishes off that tourney the better the likelihood of this deal.
If Zaha truly has a great relationship with Parish then I can see them having a one-on-one and letting him go for 60-70m.

If we pay anything like 60 to 70 for this guy then we are a fucking shambles. Really hope palace save us ffs.


Classic signing.


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Great deal for Palace but clearly bullshit :smiley:


I mean I don’t really think Elneny, Jenkinson and Chambers are worth 40m…
Chambers 25
Elneny 5
Jenkinson 3-5
I guess they’re valuing Elneny at 10

Also odd that the sell on clause wouldn’t include market value of players in exchange, maybe that’s just a standard thing though.

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How would it work though? What’s the actual market value of a player? Who decides that?

Is it just me or does 3 players plus cash for 1 player sound absurd? No matter how shit those 3 players are.


It is absurd lol and will never happen


Yea of course it is. 4 players, 2 clubs and who the fuck knows how many agents having to agree to everything. Not a hope.

If anyone can show me that this was ever even pulled off on FM I’d be impressed.


Would Palace even be interested in Elneny & Jenkinson? This just seems like an unnecessary complication. Just entice them with Chambers + Cash and see where to go from there.

I don’t think that’s going to happen.
Maybe two but we have to replace them, even though they are only squad players.
I’d rather keep Chambers anyway, he’s versatile and still useful for us.
Jenkinson and Elneny aren’t that useful and, if it means we get Zaha, it’s a good bit of business.

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Why is it absurd?

I don’t think ive ever heard of it happening before

Three players probably not, but Inter paid two players and a fee for Nainggolan a season ago.

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I think it’s a bit disrespectful to offer Palace them.
Palace aren’t that poor a side and think they will see a lack of class in it.
Think the players deserve a bit more respect to personally.