Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Aha. Favre is quite a break-off from coaches like Setien, who you preferred I think, as far as style and all that goes.


Is he? He’s got a high pressing style I’m pretty sure, and a passing style as well, no?


Crazy idea: Simone Inzaghi. Young and attacking-minded manager.


What’s wrong with you people (the same cry baby names as always) that would support us losing? Get the the fuck out of here, seriously.

Allegri would be a fantastic option but it looks perfectly set for him to go to Chelsea.


Apologies for using logic.


Let me clear this up, Moley isn’t a toxic wob, I wouldn’t support such a person. He is still attending matches and supporting the team. The part about wanting the team to lose was extrapolation on my part. I get the feeling, from reading his musings on the club, that the board would be stupid enough to let Wenger stay if he won the EL. I’ve always thought that actually, because the board have proven time and time again to make shit decisions.


Xhaka’s gonna be like


Why? Is he his favreite coach or something?


He’s one of the twitter lads. Not sure of his track record but he seems pretty clued in on French football regardless.


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He has one job: win the Champions League. I’m not sure if that kind of clarity is a good thing or massive pressure comes of it :sweat_smile:.



What a shit article though lol

They say Loew’s age is a plus s point cos he’s relatively young, then say Ancelotti’s age is a negative as he’s old…

They’re the same age :arteta:


I’d go for Jardim if that was possible, he ticks a lot of the boxes for me.


Allegri seems like a bit of an unfashionable choice for some, but deserves props for almost getting his team to come back from an unassailable position. I know it was only going to extra time had it stayed 3-0, but still a crazy result.

And even if they did go out in the end, they beat Madrid 3-1 in the Bernabeu which is a remarkable result given their record in the CL in recent years.


i would love him here, he seems tactically aware and it is obvious that if he feels he has fucked up (ie first leg of RM matches) he goes back and puts it right and they were so close to going through. If he could have the freedom of the transfer he wants and the infrastructure at arsenal i feel he could be a top manager for us!


Not sure why since he’s a top manager, think it’s a case of other managers that seem newer or more shiny.

Sure he’s managing Juve in a league in which they dominate but he has done every well in Europe and if not for a penalty at the death who knows they may have knocked Real out.

I like that he’s very tactically flexible back to front and has the ability to organise and solidify the defence which is one thing we desperately need, the way they played without Dybala is down to him. He’s shown he can handle the big personalities and may just be ready for a new challenge, I can see him at Chelsea though.


Please reopen the Klopp vs Wenger thread.
I want Klopp to replace Wenger :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wait until May when Arsene hoists a trophy and Klopp ends the season empty handed.


But dat pashun tho!