Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Jardim incoming :wink:!


Wenger staying :wenger2:


Yeah, it’s sad to say but I’m like 99% sure if we win Europa league Wenger will not be sacked, so I can only hope for us to not win Europa which sucks cause I miss the fuck out of out champions league football.


Oh yeah. There is really no doubt in my mind Wenger is staying for the remainder of his contract. Was talking about 2019.




I’m not even sure he wanted to stay for this season but I think he get he had one last run at the CL in him with this Juve squad but he didn’t get that in the end.

I’d personally say if Allegri is available we’d be absolutely crazy to pass on him especially given he wants to come to England.


Need to get him over Chelsea if we can.

Exactly the right man for me.


Would be such an underwhelming hire for me. Much prefer to take a punt on a young unproven manager with ideas.


I get your feeling. While Allegri is very good, he also has some flaws. I’d prefer Jardim.


Seems like he is ready made for Chelsea.

If Wenger stays despite losing Europa I’m done with this club for that year.

And I’d want everybody on the board and Kroenke OUT. Stupid complacent cunts.


Same. Fucking barely a step up with the way the game continually evolves year on year.


Why would you hope that when it’s not a certainty he will be fired when we don’t win the Europa League?


So Moley had some interesting stuff to say about the management situation, I’ll relay it considering I know how much the Arsenal Mole is respected around these parts.

Moley says that the board are completely clueless on how to run a football club. Are undecided on Wenger’s future. Allegri is supposedly waiting in the wings but the board won’t take action on Wenger. So if you are Wenger out, you probably are right to root against us in the EL. If he wins it it probably means you see Wenger for another year.

He also said that Viera and Henry as his assistant is something the club are also looking at as a possibility.




Never! Imagine being an Arsenal fan and not enjoying Özil’s masterclass or Ramsey’s goal last night and not wanting to see us do that in a European final?!

But anyway, as much as I respect and love Moley to bits, I think i’ll stick with my team, unless it’s announced that us winning means giraffes go extinct :grin:


If Moley says we must fall on our swords then it must be done.


This guy reliable? That’s an exciting option.


Why do you find this an exciting option?


Everyone always bangs on about how fucking nice Wenger is and how much players love him, where is that getting us?

I don’t want another nice manager, I want someone who is ruthless who will give our squad a kick up the arse.


I rate him, his work has been really undervalued. Read some really positive analysis of his teams/work.



(been a long time since I did my faces, feels good)