Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


well ffs. Can’t see him being happy with the quality of player they are after these days but lets see.


I’m kinda regretting putting a £5 on Tuchel to be our next manger when I was hyped on Sunday morning now :joy::joy::joy:


Tuchel would probably have been our manager if Wenger was definitely leaving this season. Wenger staying for another year is hindering us from getting a manager in right now. We have to try and convince someone to wait a fucking year. Sad state.


Well this is it. That Honigstein quote was from one of the several podcasts he does. He said Tuchel told Bayern that he wouldn’t be interested in being their next manager because he has an agreement in place with another club – that other club can’t be Arsenal because Arsenal don’t have a job to offer anyone.

He said all the indications in Germany and London point towards the story being “categorically untrue” due to the simple reason that we have a coach who isn’t leaving

They mentioned the Mislintat issue too, but he said he doesn’t think that would be a deal breaker, the only deal breaker is Wenger not leaving. According to Raphael and another on the pod, feelers were put out from us last season, but this season no conversations have happened :sob:


Not at Chelsea FFS! They haven’t the players he likes.


Not necessarily true. If The Kroenke’s have decided 2 seasons out of the CL is unacceptable it would make sense to secure a replacement before relieving the current manager of his duties. Wenger clearly doesn’t want to lose his job but that doesn’t mean he won’t.


Ornstein on BEIN Sports about to kill this one dead once and for all.

God, I can’t wait till Wenger goes. Literally even David Moyes or somebody will be better, as when they inevitably do shit, this spineless board will have no qualms sacking him, and the wouldn’t have any holier than thou superfans protecting him.


Moley has been saying Tuchel is a non starter for a while now, catch up lads.


Nah we just need to sack Wenger at years end, it really isn’t hard when you think about it.



Two words.

Big Weng.


More like Big Wang.


Bit Wank


Bye bye poch lulllzzz


Please, let him be Pocho :giroud2:


Simeone would be smart choice, but Poch would be trendy and certainly I wouldn’t complain if they pluck him out of Spurs.


Surely Poch will stay for the first season at their new stadium?

Really hope it does turn out to be him.


If Poch leaves and they get Tuchel am not sure how’ll react


I’m picturing this