Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


It makes way for sense to reject Bayern for PSG than it does for Arsenal/Chelsea anyway. Unless of these PSG, Arsenal and Chelsea rumours are meant to put some pressure on Bayern.


This is a serious buzzkill but keeping hope…


This is just a summary of the Kicker, SportBild and SD reports :wink:.


I know. Bayern correspondent on it though. Let me have my hope.


So Tuchel to P.S.G? :santi:





Someone is stirring up the pot behind the scenes and putting pressure on either Bayern, PSG or Arsenal.


Both can be wrong but Kicker is considered more reliable than Sporting Bild. Not sure what other outlets are saying though


Well Suddeutsche Zeiting is saying it’s NOT going to happen. They seem to be very reliable according to other journalists.


Bottom line is that nothing about the Kroenkes/board suggests they are likely to make a decisive and proactive move like quietly reaching agreement with Tuchel or Jardim at this stage of the season.

In contrast, everything points to them dithering and waiting at least until the Europa League campaign ends to make a decision. There is a strong chance that by then it will be too late to hire one of the best candidates and that whoever they hire - if they even do move on from Wenger - will have almost no time to prepare for the summer transfer window.

The very fact that Wenger is still managing the club is all the evidence we should need to have zero faith in the Kroenkes. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it works out differently but my expectations are as low as possible. We’re going to keep Wenger or hire our own version of Moyes at the last minute.


I’m just happy we’re even talking about rumours of a new manager. Quite frankly, I think I’d be happy with any of those proposed…except Brendan Rodgers.



RIP @Persona @Burgundy the Tuchel train has come to an end. :frowning_face:


Is it a common thing that clubs reach agreements with future managers who are actually in employment months before they start? Pep to city sure but that’s pretty much the exception I’d have thought.


I believe so. You may not sign a formal contract but it seems common to have lots of discussion and essentially agree terms. As a few more examples:

United clearly had been talking and negotiating with Mourinho for months before they hired him. Maybe the even better comparison is with Moyes. They announced him as the SAF replacement only days after he informed Everton he was leaving: They’d clearly been talking for a long time.

Conte was announced as the next Chelsea manager in early April 2016, while he was still managing Italy.

Luis Enrique was announced as Barca’s new manager three days after he quit his previous job at Celta Vigo. No way that all came together in three days. They must have been talking for months.


P.S.G. then?


So a load of behind the scenes stuff then. Which is exactly the noises we’ve been hearing about lately.

I really don’t think Ivan and go are sitting on their hands here. They may not have made a decision yet but I think it’s quite obvious they are positioning themselves to do so.


Who knows. It’s not Arsenal at least going off what Honingstein is saying. And not Bayern either.


“Club with a chance to win the Champions League” :wink:


Looks like it. Chelsea have a chance if they finish top 4 by the sounds of things.


A dithering owner and a dithering manager.
The perfect combination :grinning: