Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Have you jinxed in your pants yet? We are going full germans :mustafi:


I meant to say the post Wenger manager profile, but what I’d like to see from the next Arsenal manager s:

A manager with a clear footballing philosophy and the personality to implement it
A manager who suits the head coach model
Top level experience domestically and in Europe
Track record of using youth and developing talent
Emphasis on attacking football (I realise this one is debatable, but imo it’s what the fans and board want)






The more I read up on Tuchel’s philosophy the more sold I am on having him here.


Yeah I don’t think it’s happening folks :santi:

Interesting article though.


He’s probably going to Psg or Real Madrid.


Think it will be PSG.

Will be raging if Chelsea. Goddammit I really want this to happen now the cunts have got my hopes up.

It was better when I thought this was a dead end.

:auba: and :mkhi: better get on Seven to make the peace, bring the team back together again.


Disappointed in Kicker. But this leaves the option for Jardim open :grin:.


I think the style Tuchel likes too use has a lot more inherent weaknesses. Especially if the execution isn’t on point.


Sounds crazy but I give more credit to Vasilyev, Mendes etc for Monaco’s recent success than Jardim.


But doesn’t that indicate he can work under a modern club structure where his focus is solely on what happens on the pitch and everything else is dealt with by more appropriate figures?

I mean unless there’s more to it than meets the eye. I think he’s done an excellent job solely based on what’s happened on the pitch.


Sure. They do deserve a lot of credit for finding and acquiring those players and for pretty much rebuilding the club. But developing them and utilizing them in the right way is still a coaches’ job. You really can’t take the success from Monaco, or the amount of u23s whom were succesfully developed, away from Jardim.


I doubt any of this, sadly… I can see us with AW another year painfully… I remain hopeful of my one theory that they more/less agreed to one year trial to see if he gets the second year and things haven’t worked out so they are moving on it, but I just don’t trust this club.

To me, the choice is overshadowed by the fact that they are finally dealing with it and still have maintained a high level of class and integrity towards AW and the overall situation - which at least to me, is important… To be clear, if they keep him next year, all bets are off for me.

Tuchel, Jardim, or another relatively young, tactically astute and innovative manager who knows how to develop and use young players is what I want. Of course I still hold my dream of Simeone, but I just don’t see that as even a possibility sadly. Honestly, I don’t care if they play some ridiculous notion of “Arsenal” football at this point - I don’t want some sham of an “exciting, attacking play” - that is a f*ing mirage at this point - we haven’t really had that in so long it is ridiculous.

I want a competent, intelligent tactical approach that gets the best out of our players and is more ruthless with failures (Welbeck, I’m looking at you).


I edited the thread title as it was bugging me that it was running onto a third line on mobile. The real surprise is I haven’t done this sooner :joy:


As long as we invest in young talent in the summer it doesn’t really matter if he stays or not in my mind. The objective remains the same regardless of who is for the group; Champions League qualification. Nobody is going to make us a contender anyway.


Good call. Agents :mkhi: and :auba: should get Tuchel here :kos2:


I think he’s done a good job, not excellent. The 16/17 season is hard to explain.

Would love to see him somewhere else but I’m not confident enough in him to say he’d be anything more than just a good appointment atm. Even more so because his team is boring, if we hire boring I want damn near guaranteed quality like Simeone.



Which coach has done an excellent job in your mind in recent history if Jardim just has done a ‘good job’?