Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


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That article actually suggests that he has already signed a deal. But Sky Germany have just said nothing is sorted yet. Still, though, this is the closest we’ve come to a new manager. The strongest reports. Got to be something in it.

Are we going to turn into Liverpool and their relationship with Southampton? Should we just buy Dortmund football club now?! :laughing:


We have so many Germans


I love that.


Kicker is usually more reliable than Sky Germany. As far as big sports publications goes they are seen as by far the most reliable with only certain regional papers coming close.



Christian Falk (Sportbild) is saying PSG are favourites.



Holy shit this has been reported by kicker?!

Mate what is this madness svengali is going to do?!?!

But Bild say this:



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Spokesman is just saying that so as not to disrespect Arsene. Tuchel Wahnsinn is on. :sunglasses:


It’s good that the most reliable outlet is the one on our side, but a lot of people saying no. Like this guy, who is apparently close to Tuchels camp.


He’s definitely not going to Bayern though. Sounds like they stalled because Uli Hoeness didn’t want him.

Let’s see what happens.


John Cross’s latest tweet is so bad I can’t even embed it, why isn’t he cancelled already?


He pretty much is lol. Can’t wait to see Ornstein RKO him in the latest memes lol.

Rodgers over Tuchel :arteta:


Deleted? Can’t see it on his timeline haha


What do we think of this appointment overall? He perfomed well at BVB and Mainz, but I’m not sure if he can take us to that next level rather than competing for 3rd/4th.


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Tuchel is my first choice right now but I’m not expecting him to lead us to league titles on a consistent basis.

What I’m sure he’ll do is make this club competitive again with the implementation of his tactically attacking football. No doubt he’s the best man to get the best out of Auba, Miki and Ozil .

He’s someone who has a clear, comprehensive and forward thinking footballing philosophy, we need that strong sense of direction from the manager. He suits the Arsenal manager profile very well


Always get a bit itchy when I read this. What exactly is the profile of an ‘Arsenal manager’? Let’s not confuse Wenger’s characteristics, good or bad, with that.


I prefer Jardim but Tuchel would be a good choice.

The other thing I like about Tuchel is that he created a platform at BvB for younger players to establish themselves and shine, while moving out a bunch of established stalwarts. Naturally, he had great talents to work with, due to their scouting operation, but he still brought them along (Weigl, Dembele, Pulisic, Guerreiro, etc). Arsenal needs a similar makeover.

All that said, my guess is that these rumors are largely bullshit. I just can’t see the Arsenal board/Kroenkes being proactive and decisive enough to reach agreement with a new manager right now. Everything we know about them suggests that they’re going to dither indecisively and wait until they have more clarity about how our Europa League campaign ends before making a final decision on Wenger’s future.


I have reservations about him particularly in the defensive sense.

Sure he can be unpredictable with tactical formations and plays very nice attacking football with the added bonus of youth development, however, back to front his teams have ultimately been found wanting and that is not what we really need is it?

He’s very similar to Klopp in that way, we can do a lot worse but I dunno I think some are really jumping the gun thinking he’s the ultimate choice for us.


Disagree that he is similar to Klopp. I think Tuchel uses a way more possession based style, whilst Klopp’s team are deadly in the counterattack.

I’m a bit worried we might have the same defensive deficiencies we are showing right now.


You’re right on how they play, although I wasn’t referring to their playing styles but rather the fact that they both play some great stuff but ultimately they’re lacking defensively.

Perhaps he can grow to be able to organise a team defensively as well as he does going forward but at the moment it’s a risk, also his penchant for falling out with his colleagues etc is a worry too.