Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


FTFY we aren’t signing a forward


How often do top players actually move on after 1 year? The only one I can think of in recent times is Di Maria.

Financially it makes no sense because the signing on fee is spread over 1 year instead of 2-3 years and pay them a loyalty fee


what is FTFY?


Fixed that for you


FFS I knew that




dont want fucking tuchel here, there will be drama and we will be no fucking better off than we are now. His dortmund teams has the same fucking flaws as our teams do now, just swapping like for like i would be extremely unhappy with his signing.


Anyone. ANYONE! If it doesn’t work out bin them and move on. The Wenger cycle must be broken.


Tuchel is a massive improvement on Wenger


Still about Wenger being out the club and boardroom first. Otherwise where really fucked.


I dunno of Tuchel is the man to win us the league and knock off the other top clubs in the PL. But I’d still like to see him try.

What are this guys credentials anyways, I don’t follow the Bundesliga, what were his accomplishments with Dortmund?


Who knows. Behind the scenes Sven and Tuchel may have repaired their relationship ahead of this possible move. We’re bigger than Dortmund and both have a chance to make a go of it at a top club.


Just hope him and Sven don’t have a go at each other once again :mustafi:


Surely 2 grown men will be able to hug it out and move on? I’d take Tuchel. He seems exciting and modern, will bring attacking football


If the rumours are true and he is talked with for his style of football that would be so incredibly boring.

I also can’t think of a reason why he should get the nod over Jardim. Unless he doesn’t want to leave Monaco.

THe Sven thing we should be able the counterby making arrangements about who does what if he gets the job.



Remember that Tuchel made :mkhi: a hell of a player at Dortmund. He would do the same here.


He made Aubameyang aswell. He’s perfect for us


Tuchel still 6/1 on skybet so stuck a fiver on him.


oh shit