Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


AC trying to clarify his comments…



Of course we know “he/Ancelloti not coaching” part was kidding…


This doesn’t mean an awful lot, but I’m going to be disappointed if he won’t be our next coach.


Mourinho would hate him from day one. It’d be beautiful.


Furthermore he looks like a guy who wouldn’t give one shit.


We are going for Allegri first, Lowe second, Jardim third.

  1. No 2. No. 3. Yes.


And Dembele as well yeah?! :arteta:

Think I’ll be playing whack-a-mole this summer


Lol mole didn’t say that.

On the Dembele thing several more itks have come out and said the same now. The thinking is as follows. Barca are signing Greizmann, Dembele isn’t happy, ffp plays a part. We’ve enquired and Barca are willing to listen. That’s the exact rumor.


Yeah, until we offer £30m and they laugh in our faces.


We offered 90m for a mediocre af Lemar. Although that was probably because we had 60m in the bag with the Sanchez sale, but still.


Dembele is happy, though, lol, he’s said as much, is in good form, and just scored in the CL in the Camp Nou.

I feel bad for you people who fall into this twitter invention.


Haha, what’s the difference in reading what some blowhard on Twitter has to say as opposed to what some spanish blowhard self agrandizing douche on OA has to say? Fun for me to read both tbh. Thanks for you being sorry for me but your fake empathy doesn’t hide the fact your clearly a sociopath.


If they sign Griezmann they still only have five forwards; Dembele, Suarez, Paco, Messi and Griezmann.

If they sign Arthur and Griezmann this summer is FFP really going to be a problem? I doubt that. It really does seem like a fabricated rumour with no ground whatsoever.


I think if push comes to shove Paco will be shipped out and maybe even Suarez in the following summer. They won’t want to sell Dembele after only one year, especially when considering his age and potential ability.


And current ability.


The difference is I only offer opinions not so called “facts”–unless they actually are such. Big difference actually. :slight_smile:


Dembelè isn’t leaving Barca after one season to join us :joy::joy:




Don’t believe anything that calls themselves the football mole. Just as bad as “the arsenal horse” ffs :joy: