Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


AFC stock has grown from 18k to more than 30k GBP in less than 10 years, that’s way more profitable than any index fund. I’d say Kroenke is the real cancer at Arsenal. He IS/WAS taking money out of the club: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/arsenal/11882615/Arsenal-pay-3m-to-Stan-Kroenkes-company-heres-an-alternative-look-at-the-consultancy-it-is-providing.html


I ain’t no fan of Balotelli nor Italy or Spain…
As a neutral football fan, he WAS GREAT, when in top form.
His top form was short though.


Low got outcoached by Prandelli. That is the difference. Euro 2016 just be bad luck, but looking at the stage of development the teams were in Germany (experience, world cup winner), France (young up-and-coming team) Germany were the favourites for that tournament. Knowing how mellow and all that they were in that semi-final I wouldn’t call it just bad luck tbh.


Index fund? You are joking right?

First of all, in 10 years, an index fund only needs around 7% annual compound growth to double, which is less than 18-30… (recent long-term trajectory is better than that for the market at large btw)

But people like Kroenke don’t invest in index funds lol, at least not the preponderance of their wealth.

3 million to the consultancy? Really? That is what this is about. Give me a break. That is the F*ing Mirror.

I don’t know how else to frame the actual numbers - people are determined to believe what they want and find “evidence” to support it…


Btw, on the subject of old declining managers etc. Shout-out to a guy older than most, yet still doing the business.

Jupp Heynckes

Came out of retirement no less.


So Wenger could stay in the end. “Look at what Jupp has done” :wenger:


Jupp won a triple crown.




Not the sort of manager that is required at Arsenal, he’d be a massive failure here.


I mean he hasn’t been a massive failure anywhere so that’s a pretty bold statement.


His domestic league records aren’t that impressive for someone rated so highly considering the teams he’s managed. Obviously his European competition record is super impressive.


I agree it isn’t impressive. I just don’t understand how it’s possible to say he’ll been a massive failure when he’s never been that. Just seems a bit baseless and I think that people are holding his stint at Bayern against him too much.


Yeah you could well be right, but usually whatever club he’s gone to of late have had ready made squads to compete with anyone in Europe. At Arsenal we have holes galore and I don’t think it’s as simple as saying go out there and play.


An italian newspapers writes it is between Allegri and Ancelotti to replace Wenger. Allegri is surely leaving in june, as he can’t do any better with Juventus.


Could you argue he was a failure at Juventus?


Let’s take a risk


You could argue he underachieved but the Serie A was fiercely competitive then so I don’t think failure is the correct term.

At least not in my opinion anyway.



Source is sportbild who apparently aren’t really that reliable.


I think we have a ready made squad to compete in Europe (to compete, not to win), but we don’t have ready made coaching and tactics though.


You know he is italian, don’t you? His parents are from Calabria :smile:

However, don’t know him well so can’t judge him.