Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


I mean I think those tweets didn’t get included in the thread.


First of all, share price in an illiquid market ISN’T the best way to do this analysis, but I’ll bite.

Doubling in value (100% increase) takes ~5 years at 14% compound interest… doubling twice in 10 years pretty much corresponds with 14% compound annual interest… which is a price 400% what it started at… depending on how you did your math with the 345% (which atm I highly doubt), this is relatively close.

I don’t have time now, but I’ll look up the valuations later again… it would be good to see based on Deloitte or other numbers. Like I said, I did the math before on price he ACTUALLY bought in at and the estimated valuation at that time - the delta and the timeframe equated to about 14% (annual compound interest rate in case that wasn’t 100% clear).


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Still, good work chaps, enjoyed reading that.


I took the current £34,000 price and £10,000 initial share price (which was the high) before a drop. That works out at 240% not 340%, my mistake. I’m not sure which price Kroenke bought in at either.


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I don’t see how “failure” it was, to lose to Italy in 2012 and lose to France in 2016 in the semi finals.

When top teams clash against each other, anybody has a chance to win. The margin of their abilities is so little. A bit careless, a bit luck, one wrong call, just one little factor can decide the outcome of the game, not necessary the better team should always win.

If DFB was willing to extend Jogi’s contract, that means they were satisfied of his job.


His team has under-performed though.

I don’t think he’s done a great job as the German manager, to win at least one major championship with the golden generation of players at his disposal is the bare minimum and to succumb to other other teams like against Italy is very telling.

I don’t really rate him, they gave him manager of the year in the year when Simeone not only won La Liga but was two minutes away from also winning the CL. Why, because the favourties won the competition? As I said he has done the bare minimum.


They got slaughtered by Balotelli of all people and looked fairly average in 2016. They’ve certainly had more downs during his time than ups, given the expectations in the team.



If true, good to hear we are in for him, but it sounds like very little chance if those other clubs want him.


The Golden generation was 1988-90, that team had multiple positions that were best in Europe/world. That team dominated. Still, they got kicked by Netherlands at home in 88’ and how bad they were in 92’.
From 2008-2016, I don’t really see which German team was crowned as “best team” in the world and people expected them to get sure win.

Italy had a superstar in top form, and that is Low’s/Germany’s fault?
Germany was not even a favorite in 2012.

Please do not mix up their past history and then automatically label them as “favorite”.
In 2016, they looked like “favorite” because they won the WC in 2014.
From my bottom heart, I’d probably put France ahead of them.
Anyway, I said that a few times… a stupid handball changed the game. Not much you can do against the home team and down by one goal.

For all the past years, which German team really played beautiful football and won it all??
I’d say 1990, but in the final, they still had to rely on a PK to win the game. Sometimes it is not only about you, it depends on how your opponent plays also.
The other time they play “beautiful” football was 2010. Their counter attack was so effective and enjoyable to watch. 4-0 against Argentina, and 4-1 against England… in the end, they got killed by Spain.


There’s more than one golden German generation and yes plenty of the failures were down to Low.

Germany were widely considered favourites whether on their own or jointly, there’s little doubt in that.


Calling Balotelli a superstar in top form is quite stretching it. Germany was just poor and Lahm got absolutely done on one of the goals. I certainly would put them falling over in that game on the manager, among other factors too.

In 2016 they didn’t look too hot either despite still having a really strong squad and almost lost on penalties to one of the worse Italian teams in recent history. France was overrated at the time due to their home advantage but still beat them.

I agree, they played some of their best in 2010 and obviously also in 2014 but for a team of their quality they also got stuck quite frequently in key games they should have been favorite in or at least on more equal footing.


IF Balotelli on top form was not a superstar (I call it world class), then who was?
Balotelli on top form was unstoppable, just like Fernando Torres on top form.

If you agree that Lahm should responsible for one goal, then why the responsibility would be on Low?? He already picked the best RB that he could have, they did not get blown out, just a player’s mistake here and there. We can say the players were underperforming, but not the manager.

Even there is a perfect game plan perfect strategy on the table, it still needs the player to execute. I did not see how Low failed to put up a good formation, lineup, or strategy against Italy, Spain or France.

The worst Italian team was the one that failed to quality for WC2018, not the one in 2016. Everybody knows, Italy is the nemesis of Germany… always have a hard time against them.

France 2016, was similar to Germany in 2010, had a bunch of youngsters that mixed with experience. Very speedy, skillful and aggressive on attacking. They were THE TEAM that I afraid most in Euro 2016 bar Italy. They were not THE favorite, but they were extremely dangerous. Can’t make any mistake (well, Germany did) against them.


Tuchel definitely chooses Arsenal over Chelsea imo


He’s never been fit to lace prime Torres’ boots


Arsenal is a more attractive job than Chelsea imo