Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


You gotta admit, their football is way more attractive and effective than us…

Yes, you are right, in the end it may be Wenger lifting the EL trophy and Klopp comes with empty hand… BUT, I want attractive football…

Anyway, we all know Klopp won’t come, not even a realistic candidate…
I was just fooling around.


It doesn’t need to be reopened. There is no debate to have anymore.

It’s like asking someone if they’d rather have a can of dog food or a million quid.


Lol! This could be true. It would be so weird, despite Klopp being better than Wenger.


A4tt loves canned dog food.


Wenger is not the equivalent of dog food. If he wins the EL he should get one more year. I think with Sven forcing good players on him again we will be back to 06 - 07’ Wenger ball and we can win the league going away. He will still prove everyone wrong.


Wenger is winning no league. You are so delusional.


Auba, Laca, Miki, Özil, Ramsey, and Sven will add a legit holding mf, winger, and defender in the summer. That’s finally going to be a title worthy side in terms of talent. City will probably take a step back, Mo will be in full 3rd season meltdown, Chelsea will have a change in manager, scum are gonna lose some players and their manager. Lolpool will be our only competition next season, and Klopp is a choke artist. Plenty of room for optimism.





Wenger was always going to see out the last year of his contract.


Right now , anyone other than Wenger







Wouldn’t say no tbh


I don’t know why people were so harsh on Rafa. He’s a very sensible option

He’s quietly gone about building a very functional side at Newcastle which is punching above its weight considering the dodgy owner, limited funds and squad full of championship level players.

He’s in the top 10 with a game in hand, that impressive management considering the shambles the club was in 2 seasons ago


Eh sure Benetiz can organise a defence etc but he’s also too cautious and doesn’t play expansive football.

He’s a good manager, however, there are more than a few others that can bring what he brings to the table whilst also playing exciting football for him to be a main contender.

He’s an option but way down the list.


He’s late to the party

@sevchenko and I have been advocating for him for a while.

He is also the opposite of Wenger in terms of being on the arse of all the players all the time. To his detriment at Real Madrid but something our bunch of fools are crying out for.


Rafael Benitez is not coaching at Newcastle United by accident. None of the top 15/20 clubs in Europe took a chance on him after his Real Madrid job.


He was there half a season and lost three games.


He didn’t do a great job at Napoli either and ADL did back him too.


Yeah I haven’t seen Benitez do anything of note since his Valencia/Liverpool days. His style is also a major worry.


Fuck style. I’d take boring 1-0 wins all day long.