Arsenal vs CSKA Moscow (UEL Quarter 1st Leg)

Arsenal vs CSKA Moscow

Thursday April 5 - 20:05
Emirates Stadium
Europa League

The hunt for Champions League qualification resumes. Lacazette to start the night?


  • Arsenal win with a clean sheet
  • Arsenal win but concede
  • Goalless draw
  • Score draw
  • CSKA Moscow win

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Really need to have a good lead for the second leg. A 2-0 would be good. Hopefully :laca: starts.

Assuming Welbeck is out, Laca will have to start

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Predicting a win but think we will give up an away goal.

Difficult to recover from a back problem in just 4 days. Laca looked quite sharp on sunday as well.

I’ve seen zero minutes of CSKA Moscow this season so don’t really know what their strengths/weaknesses are.

But, there is a team called Arsenal Tula in the Russian Premier League and they beat CSKA at home without conceding, so that’s what i’m predicting for us :grin:


3-0 Arsenal.


Should win, but I don’t trust these players not to produce another nonsense.

There is also the fact that we play like shite 90% of the time

We are on a good run now, tbh. We are also at home.

3-1 to The Arsenal, but I know fuck all about these Russkies. Not that it makes any difference anyway. COYG!

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I think we’ll make a mess of this, pressure’s on.


I really can’t see it, CSKA Moscow and Russian teams in general’s record in England is laughable.

United and Liverpool ruthlessly thrashed CSKA and Spartak earlier in the season and we have little to fear from them, even with Mustafi playing

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Nice proviso.:mustafi:

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Yeah wins wise we are on a good run, but let’s be real the performance vs Stoke City was relatively garbage.


That’s true. Hopefully we were focused on the Europa League.

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Ah… but my scout (some dude on a podcast) tells me we have one thing to fear:

This dude. He’s their “bastard” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yep, that’s him. B. A. Stardevskyy. :slight_smile:

He looks like a russian gangster.

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Start him FFS! No more donkey Welbeck :neutral_face:

on whether Lacazette is ready to start…
Lacazette is ready to start, yes. I have not decided if he will start or not yet, but he’s available and ready to start.