Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


No, i do hate @AbouCuellar :arteta:. Cocky spanish. That’s it.

I also don’t like Gucci boy though :wink:


Why would someone so wealthy and powerful, with style, intelligence modesty want to go and hang around with the royal family?
He’s far too classy for them :grinning:


I think it’d be a waste to have such midfield talent on the bench while Xhaka gets to start.



That’s a picture of the Queen at Wenger’s house celebrating the PL unbeaten season.

See, I told you he had style :wink:







You mean boards logic is to WIN PREM #vivalaArteta


Daily Mail😂


DM such a fail. First it was Henry, then Arteta was confirmed but wanted full transfer control, now it’s Emery? :joy:

Just announce arteta now lads.


Do you think Favre might be coming to Arsenal?


Lol! Emery is a bit of a fraud, tbh.


Well I know I’d definitely prefer Emery to Arteta that’s for sure




Well, Emery is a specialist at winning the Europa League… But he hasn’t really managed to take PSG to the next level despite the players at his disposal.

Out of the two of them, I’d still throw the dice with Arteta


I’d prefer Arteta to Emery.


Emery is a beta manager and proved he doesn’t have the minerals to manage at a top club, was all good at Sevilla but got found out at PSG.

I’d probably take the mystery box in Arteta over the seemingly flaming turd in a box that’s Emery.


Trouble with modern football fans is that they treat a bad spell as definitive.

In what world is Arteta a better option than a proven head coach in Emery?


Managing at PSG and managing at Arsenal are two entirely different prospects. He isn’t going to be expected to manage a squad of superstars. We’re aupposed to be moving towards a different structure and he’s shown enough versatility as a manager for me to think he’s still worth a punt.