Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Absolutely. That goes for players and managers. A bad spell at a club does not mean an individual can’t be successful in an environment that’s more conducive with their qualities.

Emery would do better at Arsenal than he did at PSG as I believe we offer him an environment that suits his managerial style more.


This is a good read for people unfamiliar with his philosophies.


Welcome to Kroenke’s world, where cheap is king.


Emery wouldn’t be an expensive acquisition be any stretch of the imagination.


Not sure anyone is saying Arteta is the better option on paper, it’s not an easy argument to make.

Sure Emery is more"proven", however, managing at PSG demonstrated many flaws and even though there’s nowhere the level of expectation here that he was under at PSG there’s every chance that these flaws are not a one time deal.

He’d be up against a host of baller managers here and I’m not sure he’s up to the task, same could be said of Arteta of course. We need a strong #1 and not a good #2 and there’s no way to know what he is but I suppose there’s an appeal in that.


These bastards in the media/at the club: every time I come round towards a manager they seem to go look for another.

Stop it. Announce the new manager already. Let me get hype.


Well yeah, for us he is ok. I meant for a bigger club.


They will let you come to terms with Emery and Bam! Announce Pardew.


So everyone took the weekend off for the wedding? Just freaking get this over with.


Wouldn’t even be surprised.

End this circus asap ffs, I thought an announcement would me made today or tomorrow.


For what it’s worth (not very much admittedly)


Good to see we’re still pursuing experienced managers.


Surely we haven’t just last minute changed our mind and went for Emery lol. I was mentally preparing for Arteta as well hah


What’s this Emery guy like ? Is he any good ?
Is he a better option than Arteta ?


I seem to remember I wanted Emery to succeed Arsene from 2015/16 onwards. His first season with PSG was very disappointing, yet it seems unfair to judge the man on his inability to get PSG past the round of 16 in the CL. Over the two games I thought PSG were better than Real Madrid, yet it did highlight some flaws in his tactics and a degree of naivety.

I still think I’d prefer him over Arteta but it’s not as clear cut to me as it once would’ve been.


I once knew quite a lot about him but unfortunately my memery fails me


You’ve done better Jakey. :neutral_face:


Carry on like that and Unai are gonna fall out pal


Think he’s just bored.

File that one under shit.


Better :joy::clap: