Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


That was decent, thought your pun game was falling off tbh. Becoming the Fernando Torres of puns.

On topic, lads I think Arteta is pretty much done. But they are leaking these random managers every so often to make it sound like there was a thorough process or whatever.

Looking back at Gazidis’s statement, It was going to be Arteta from the start. He was basically the only available guy that espoused what he said there.


I guess that would make @AbouCuellar the Yaya Sanogo of puns


We’re instant Europa League favs if he joins. He’s won it 3 times. Forget Arteta


Yeah him or Ravel Morrison

Allegri ain’t happening.

Moley and Plug binned asap.


Just to be clear, I wasn’t being abrasive in my last comment.

I’m wasted here.




Imagine Arteta turning us down ffs :joy:


Not happening. All BS


Trust these guys more than the star, who said Allegri was coming, and sky sports who just copy and paste their twitter timeline, lol

Also Merry can’t speak English well

Though for what it’s worth, Emery replace me as Arsenal manager on my FM save and just won the CL. :thinking:



It was likely that Arteta (or whoever came in) would want to choose their own staff. Can’t see Bould sticking around with a whole new team coming in – especially if he had to accept a demotion


didnt do much at all when he was here all of those years, so it doesnt bother me in the slightest he was an absolute waste of space and a wage.



You know what?
Fuck this club. Shitheads. I’m coming for the bald cunt next.

I’m fasting pillocks, have some shame.

Honestly, just this:



Thank fuck it won’t be Arteta.


Emery is so uninspiring

At least with Arteta, there’s the mystery box element.


Assuming that Marca are correct, It’s funny how just as most of us were accepting Arteta as the new coach he’s discarded by the board :joy:


Emery would be an excellent choice. Very happy with that if it’s true. Much much better than Arteta


I agree.
Just as I was leaping over the barrier, I could see the sliding doors opening up for me to jump on board the Arteta express, I then look up and see I’m on the wrong platform.

I’ve just spoken to the guard and he said I should have been on the other platform for the Emery Express.


I’d be very happy with Emery and I bet the players will be as well.


Still fully expecting the ‘Arteta becomes Arsenal manager’ announcement.


It are Marca and Daily Mail coming with Emery, no?


Oh man internet been down all day. Switch on and get this bit of news. PLEASE let this be true over Emery. Such a more competent decision than Arteta.
Where in a period of transission and this would be a very good start to introducing a better infrastructure at the club. One hundred percent behind this.