Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Got to love those parody accounts.


Sorry guys had to do it :arteta:


Surely the Alan Pardew bit gave it away


Ha yea good one but they took it too far with pardew


Looks like Henry is out of the running for being a coach.

Also read this in the replies


Really good article and maybe it’s for the best.

Sounds like he may have turned a prick after he went Barca tbh


Wouldnt mind him as an assistan coach, but as a head coach he seems too stupid imo.


That’s how it feels to me honestly. I find myself disliking Henry more and more every time I see him on Sky.

I would 10x rather have Arteta than Henry who was more interested in hearing himself talk on Sky than taking a coaching job at Arsenal. Otherwise he’d have been a shoe in now.


Arteta should choose his own assistants anyway.

How about Alonso and Cazorla?



Yeah double down on your own inexperience by surrounding yourself with even more inexperienced coaches :roll_eyes:


Yeah it was a joke.

Thought that was obvious with the sentence that followed. But I guess not.


Buvac hopefully


Honestly with your posting style it’s difficult to tell at some times

Even then both players have been linked to coaching roles under Arteta


Yeah maybe. It’s tough though because there could be quite a few older coaches who don’t want to work under a young one.


Did Wenger not go to the Royal Wedding today?

Thought he was tight with Liz and her kin.


Cant imagine Bouldy wants to be assistant to a player he coached 2 years ago.


Banking on him not liking the spotlight etc


Our policy is quite clearly to make Arsenal Prussian. :sunglasses:

:auba::mkhi: Pretend this is a Mislintat smiley.


Christ! Only managers without experience. Fucking greedy board :facepalm:


Enough of spanish, tbh.


That’s because of your Bellerin agenda :bellerin: