Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


So in your opinion it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility that anyone in the world could actually have a friend with inside knowledge of things going on at the club?


Of course it’s not. What is outside the realm of possibility is that they’d act like knobs like him do and that the club would allow it to go on for so long without figuring out the leak and getting the knob to shut up because he’s leaking far more important information than any journo.



Haha Arteta already forcing people out what a man. @Electrifying




Makes more sense that it was made by existing staff


Yeah, no way is Arteta sitting at home contemplating whether to take the job and then says, “right, i’ll take it. But on one condiiton. You know that head of medical services? I want him gone!”


Well, he would know if he was good or not.

Pretty clear now that Arteta will be our man.

Hope he smashes it!


I know fees are generally higher nowadays but we have the god that is Mislintat running the show now. £50M~ is fine when we’re plucking out the finest talent from some farmer league in Sweden. These over inflated Wenger buys are a thing of the past now!


Why the fuck would Arteta care about lewin?


Yeah, why in God’s name would a club’s manager care about its club’s doctor! :roll_eyes:


Pure speculation but maybe he believes Lewin mismanaged his major injury…


Not a manager’s job to govern medical staff.


Might not be, and I seriously doubt Arteta has had anything to do with it, but the answer to your question is obvious: because it’s important, and important things to a club naturally preoccupy a club’s manager. Guardiola had serious arguments with Bayern about his medical staff there as I recall.


Yeah that’s what the story is.



But he’s a yesman :xhaka:


How much can we get from selling some deadwoods? 50 mil?




#ThatsMyManager :heart_eyes:






Lolllllll if true! Big Sam, then :arteta:

Edit: it’s a fake FFS! :hipster: