Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


I think we have said that before… It is about how your team display in games, not comparing who has more trophies or who lost more.


Or wenger is fighting for his life for another fucking 5 years extensions fucking cunt of a man. WHY or WHY did you have to continue, i used to love him so much, why did he have to destroy things. I used to feel really sad to think he could go now i would party…this for our longest serving manager why didnt you just call it a day before you got fans feeling like that!


It’s bumped because Klopp is better.


Nah it’s bumped every time Wenger loses.

Which coincidentally is a lot :mkhi:


Liverpool would have won today on Citys first half. Theyd have scored at least 2 by half time.


Wenger is a shell of his former self but Klopp won’t even make a cup final this year…




will probably finish 2nd in the league tho


That doesn’t even matter imo.

When watching Liverpool at least you have an idea of looking at a team that is well coached and plays with an idea and determination.

What is Arsenal doing?


F*ck Klopp, I’d take Phoebica over Arsene right now.


Who would have Wenger instead of Klopp
Now there’s the bigger question!
Would the scousers swap ?
No , I bet they wouldn’t !

Apologies if the name Scouser or Scousers offends anyone .


Rather get silverware because nobody is gonna give a fuck that lolpool finished 4th last year, or finished 2nd this year and played good football. Our FA cups will be forever remembered though, and added to our total haul and legacy as a club. That’s much.more important than putting 4 past WBA in february and finishing 2nd lol that shit doesn’t matter. How many years did we play attractive football with nothing to show for it this century?


Too many. All the while being told “at least we’re not boring Mourinho cunt teams”…


now we are boring and have ugly football and still win fuck all…go figure.


Erm… thanks, i think… :laughing:

I’d be pretty good though. First thing i’d do is take over DJ duty from Ospina. They can listen to Dolly Parton and ABBA before every game instead!

And i’d bring back the “all players wear the same length sleeves” thing. Because that is having a real impact on our performances.

I know the things that really matter :sunglasses:


Sorry, but to listen to music into the dressing room is no good before the game. You can’t focus with it.


I’ve heard/read players say they can’t focus without it.


that is beyond pathetic, what a bunch of fucking divas.


Really can’t see the issue with using a tool such as music to pysche yourself up.


Ahh my Swedish side agrees…

“the winner takes it all… the loser standing small…”

oh wait… cries