Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Genuine question.

There was a small discussion about it Prem fixtures thread not too long ago.

So, Klopp or Wenger?

  • Klopp
  • Wenger

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Quality manager but ever since that CL final, I believe he just knows one way to set his team.


Sorry which coach are you talking about…?



Yikes, Kloop.


3 major trophies over a 2 season spell, no trophy in 4-5 seasons, serial cup final loser and looking like he only knows how to play in one particular way.

No thanks.

I’d rather stick with Wenger.


Took Liverpool from 7th under Rodgers to finishing 8th, don’t really get the hype


Doesn’t the fact he achieved that when his opposition was Bayern say something though?

And it’s not like Wenger is known for his tactical genius these days.

At this point in time Kloop is the better manager, however, his style of play is taxing and perhaps not sustainable in the long term.

Yeah because everyone should be judged solely on their first season eh?


It seems like multiple arguments in Wenger’s defense are disregarded for other managers; fighting against financial superior club(s), needs time to build because we only have money since 2013…


His previous season he almost got Dortmund relegated didn’t he?

Also when utd were our only compitition a la the Dortmund Byern scenario we were extremely successful


They were down there for a while in his last season but he got them back to finish 7th in the end.

Then Tuchel got them 2nd in his first season.




I am still a bit doubtful about Klopp. He is a wonderful manager, but i feel he still lacks something.


There’s little between the pair, but let’s face it, Wenger is nearing the end of his managing career, while Klopp has a good 25 years ahead of him. Klopp taking over from Wenger would’ve been a nice transition while we’re still at the pointy end. Would’ve loved to have had him here at some point, but that’ll never happen now he’s firmly tied down to Liverpool.


We can easily still have him off Liverpool eventually when wenger retires


Only if you class finishing 7th and getting a Europa League spot as “almost relegated”.


Spent a good part of the season in the relegation zone that season, I wasn’t exactly sure so I asked and persona replied in the post below mine

Thanks though


Any time chief.


Klopp. I think his tactics are more progressive, he is a lot younger, and he would have been a real breath of fresh air for our club.

Holding last year against Klopp is crazy to me given that he took over a team in serious turmoil that only managed 12 points from its first 8 fixtures under Rodgers, didn’t even have a transfer window to buy players or a preseason to work with his team, dealt with a ton of injuries, and still guided them to two cup finals.


I’m sorry but it really is no contest.

Klopp every time. Brilliant modern manager


People are still buzzing from the Chelsea result obviously :smirk: