Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Yes but they had their financial difficulties a few years before and he benefited from a world class youth development and scouting.

Also other BL Champions just before Dortmund:

Wolfsberg 08-09
Stuttgart 06-07


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Great twist of fate, that.


Di Matteo (I think he is a good manager) won the CL with Chelsea, do you think he is better than Wenger?
One CL better than 3 FA Cups, right??

Just looking at the stats and trophy numbers can be misleading sometimes.


Do you have it on every time you post in this thread? :grinning:


Trophies are always better, you just have to compare how we felt winning FA Cup than how Liverpool fans probably felt finishing top 4 on the last day. So yeah. Weng over Klopp all day :grinning:


Let’s put it this way (not comparing Wenger to Klopp)…
When he won his first of three FA cups a few years back, if I am not wrong, many of us wanted him to leave, to leave on a high.
Wenger dragged on, won his 2nd, more people felt the same way and wanted him to go, and Wenger won his third.

Why did/do we want him to go? Because we believe he could not take the team to another level anymore, if not dragging the team/club down. We believe the team, the club could be better with a new person in charge, the team can challenge if Ozil signed the extension, we have a new core group of players.

Yes, Wenger won 3 FA cups, vs Klopp has none; but we all know Wenger’s best is the FA cup only, and Klopp is taking Pool to another level, challenging the CL, making themselves more like a contender than us.

Ozil and Sanchez both said, they came here NOT for the FA Cup.


We have won the FA Cup and Klopp hasn’t but how many Liverpool supporters would swap Klopp for Wenger?

Liverpool are in in the same competition where the elite clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich play in, and have just beaten Porto 5-0 away.

We are in a competition where, in the equivalent round as the CL, we have beaten a Swedish village team 3-0 away.

I know what I’d prefer.


Well said.
We can be arrogant here saying we don’t want Klopp.
In reality, who wants Wenger out there?? Barcelona? French NT?? PSG??


How do you know how Liverpool fans felt? When you’re a big club who’s been top 4 once in 7 years it probably feels nice to be in the CL again. And then you get to enjoy that for the next season too. They could have some really memorable nights in that competition. We’ve never won the CL but I have lots of fond memories of big games in it that we’re never going to be able to replicate unless we draw Atletico in the final of the EL and win it.


Had we seen a Klopp’s team got beaten without trying???
Klopp’s team may lose as many as Wenger’s, but his team always fight till the end.


Klopp’s Liverpool probably would have lost the final in a 5 goal thriller but people would remember.


I rather lose like that but not to remember today’s game.


He’s a passion merchant but you can’t deny the hunger and desire of his team.

Our team on the other hand mirrors Wenger to a tee by being flaccid as humanely possible.


That’s what we are missing…
Hunger and desire


Wenger doesnt seem to think so after all his buzzwords are that we have those exact things.


We have shit hunger and shit desire


Since Ozil extended and Alexis left our hunger index went to 0 overnight.

We’ll have to wait for next year when Welbeck is playing for a new contract :fire: :fire: :fire:


If we need to rely on Welbeck… It is worse than shit


If this thread is bumped because Wenger lost a cup final well Klopp has lost his last 5 cup finals :speak_no_evil: